EagleCals EC#68

1/32 A.V.G. Tomahawks, 1st Squadron

Reviewed By Brian Peck, #40769

The latest offering from Eagle Editions is the A.V.G. Flying Tigers P-40’s. The 2 planes on this sheet were flown by Dick Rossi and Greg ‘Pappy’ Boyington’s early flying career.

The American Volunteer Group or ‘Flying Tigers’ represented the US first covert military operation against a foreign nation. It was formed by a secret Executive Order issued by President Roosevelt in the spring of 1941 and was operational from August 1941 to July of 1942 when it was absorbed into the 23rd Fighter Group of the USAAF.

Camouflage consist of the standard RAF dark green and dark earth and grey under sides.  Decals were printed by Microscale and are thin and in good register.

One feature I was impressed by is the national insignias and the fuselage # for Pappy’s plane were printed in either factory fresh paint or field faded colors. A very impressive option that I haven’t seen from a decal manufacturer before! Kudos to Eagle Editions!

Decals available through Eagle Editions at 1-800-255-1830 or visit their website at www.eagle-editions.com.

(EC69 & EC70 are for other Flying Tiger pilots - ed.)

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