IPMS/USA Executive Board Meeting Minutes

Teleconference Meeting,  Sunday February 11, 2007  9:00pm EST

Roll Call – Officers Present
Jack Kennedy – President
John Noack – First VP
Ron Bell – Second VP
James Corley – Secretary
Ed Kinney – Treasurer
Dick Montgomery – Director of Local Chapters
Glen Broman – Director of Foreign Liaisons
James Woody – Historian & Publications Director
Bob Hester – Webmaster
Mary Jane Kinney – Office Manager

New Business

President’s Report & New Items – Jack Kennedy

·         Constitutional Amendment Committee – The committee, consisting of David Knight, Nick Phillipone and Doug Hamilton have studied the current process regarding amendments, made their recommendations and will be published to the membership in the near future. The recommendations were approved unanimously.

·         HR 607 – Military Toy Replica Act: After debate the Board has agreed to support this measure as a measure of advocating on behalf of our membership. The motion passed 5-1.

·         Paul Bradley suggested we place an ad in Fine Scale Modeler to send a back issue of the new Journal to any person interested in membership in IPMS/USA. John Noack will coordinate with FSM. Aerospace Modeler Magazine is also a possibility with this program.

First Vice President’s Report & New Items – John Noack

·         Support the Troops update: We have established a single point of contact for the troops in Iraq. A Lt Colonel has offered to become the clearinghouse for donations to the various commands in Iraq, and has also offered to appoint a replacement when his tour is over. This does not cover Afghanistan, it will remain a base-by-base issue

·         The reviewer corps system will be reviewed and updated to save postage.

Second Vice President’s Report & New Items – Ron Bell

·         National Convention updates:

o        2007 Orange County:

§         Hotel reservations are well ahead of schedule and are within 100 room-nights of meeting our obligation to the hotel.

§         The Vendor Room sold out the second week of January  224 tables and booths.

§         Member Registrations are now flowing in at a good clip

§         Tours have come together well.  Likewise, the discounted Disney tickets are selling well (about 40% of the registrants are buying Disney tickets.

§          More then 30 trophy sponsorships have already been sold. 

o        2008: Virginia Beach reports plans are progressing normally

o        2009 Bidders: No bidders had come forth by the end of last year. The Second VP has sent a letter to each chapter soliciting bids and there have already been some responses.

·         FSM has offered to sponsor the George Lee Award in perpetuity. After discussion with the NCC, it was felt that the possibility of a change of editorial staff might lead to complications. After discussion the motion was rejected by a vote of 7-0 against.

·         Discussion of the Best in Class awards will be delayed pending NCC input.

Secretary’s Report & New Items – James Corley

·         The Hobby Shop Listing project is progressing, but a total of only eight replies have been received. Work continues, and all unconfirmed shops on the original list will be contacted via post card. A downloadable flier will be added to the website for members to take to their local hobby shops to respond to IPMS.

Treasurer’s Report & New Items – Ed Kinney

·         Journal Budget/revenue: The Journal has remained under the $10,000/issue. Advertising revenue is now at $3247 with receivables at $2063. The V19J1 issue was $8282 for printing, postage was $1623 for a total of $9905. Given a steady stream of income, the budget can be increased if there is a special need.

·         IPMS/USA needs a professional accountant needed to file tax return for 2006 due to recent changes in the IRS rules and our large savings account. Motion was approved unanimously.

·         The accountants have suggested we consult a Tax Attorney to investigate the structure we will need to allow National Host Chapters to use the National Non-Profit

·         Liability Insurance had gone up by 50% again. After researching the issue, the Account Rep reviewed the policy and adjusted the policy for fewer members and included IPMS Puerto Rico, excluding vehicle losses.

·         Treasury Report

Regular check account


Make N Take checking


Regular Savings


Convention Savings


Money Market Savings


Total Monies


Accounts Payable 


Liability Insurance Premium


Net Worth



Journal as of 12/31/06


Advertising Monies Received

$ 3,247.55

Advertising Receivables

$ 2,063.05

Last Journal V19J1



$ 8,282.54


$ 1,623.02


Director of Local Chapters Report & New Items – Dick Montgomery

·         Recharter has ended. We stand at 207 chapters. IPMS Mobile has reformed. One more club is considering chartering in Albuquerque. IPMS Manatee is trying to reform, but is facing membership requirement problems. The recharter tool has worked perfectly.

Director of Foreign Liaison Report & New Items – Glen Broman

·         There is a DoD award we can nominate an individual for helping others. IPMS/USA has agreed to research and nominate somebody for his/her help with the Support the Troops program.

·         Black Ops is a newly formed SIG, covering Reconnaissance and Special Operations aircraft.

·         The FAA SIG and Airliners SIG will be moved to inactive due to lack of response.

Historian & Publication Directors Report & New Items – Jim Woody

·        Work on the Journal is improving as the process has finalized.

·        Ad revenue for V19J3 will be $1800 more or less while V18J7 was $1526. Ad revenue continues to rise as advertisers return.

Junior Activities Coordinator - Steve Dottavio (ABSENT – via e-mail)

·         We currently have no more Snap-Tite kits, just MiG-29 & UFOs for the Make-n-Take. Wants to know if there is any way to get more from the mfgs. John Noack will approach Revell with this.

Webmaster Report & New Items – Bob Hester

·         The Adult Building Course program has been posted. The posting took longer, but has been limited to members-only. This member-only feature can be reused as we need it in the future.

·         Chapter Management System has been upgraded and development continues.

·         Aircraft Dimensions Database in progress for member use with contest categories.

·         Online Subscription system will be revised due to some reported user issues.


Managers Report – Mary Jane Kinney

·         We will send “Got Plastic?” decals instead of the old window clings in the future,

·         89 new members so far this year (6 weeks). 300 renewal postcards have been sent recently, with 200 more ready to send.


IPMS Orange County 2007


Kennedy, Noack, Bell, Corley, E Kinney, MJ Kinney, Woody


Not Going:

Montgomery, Hester, Broman



March 13, 2007