IPMS/USA Executive Board Meeting Minutes

National Convention Meeting,  Friday August 24, 2007  8:00am EST

Officers Present:
Jack Kennedy (President)
John Noack (First Vice President)
Ron Bell (Second Vice President)
James Corley (Secretary)
Jim Woody (Historian & Publication Director)
Ed Kinney (Treasurer)
Mary Jane Kinney (Office Manager)

Secretary James Corley called the roll.

First Vice President’s Report
• Hobby for Heroes is going very well.
• 622 Kit Reviews on IPMS/USA website in the past year. John Ratzenberger is looking for two more assistant webmaster to aide in posting reviews.

Second Vice President’s Report
• Virginia Beach reports that progress is going well towards their show. We have five chapter groups ready to present bids for 2009. In the event of a conflict of interest between bidding chapters and E-board members, the conflicted officer shall not vote in the 2009 decision.
• Standardized Convention System: From 2009 onward, IPMS/USA will provide a standard convention management software package to include registration and contest functions. Problems have been encountered with past shows using commercial hosting for registration databases, perhaps we need to host it on our own servers. Using IPMS numbers is not practical because of family memberships. Family membership numbers may need to be restructured to fit the software.
• Convention Advisory Committee will begin to meet this fall to address the issues facing IPMS/USA with regards to the National Convention.

Secretary’s Report
• It was suggested by a member that IPMS/USA look into publishing a replacement for the Collectors Value Guide for Scale Plastic Model Kits. This guide is a valuable asset to the modeler in the event of loss, estate sales, etc. It was decided to approach Rev. Burns to see if he is agreeable to this emprise.
• Hobby Shop Guide – The participation of the membership is essential for the success of this database. The First VP will use his industry contacts to obtain us a list of known hobby shops.

Historian & Publications Director’s Report
• Ad revenues for the Journal continue to rise. The journal staff thinks it is time to move to full color in all issues to ease continuity issues. The increased revues will cover the cost of this change and the increased postage costs. Motion: Shall the IPMS/USA Journal be printed in full color? Motion made by James Woody, Seconded by Ed Kinney. Motion passed unanimously.

Treasurers Report
• The switch from a fiscal year to a calendar year has greatly eased the burden of tax compliance.
• We are searching for a tax attorney to finally settle the “piggyback” issue with the national society’s tax-exempt status. As it stands, the national society would be required to control the accounts of any local, regional or national convention for this to occur.
• The new renewal program has yielded a total of 22 new national members with the renewal of IPMS Three Rivers in Pittsburgh.

As of Jun 30, 2007:
Money Market Investment Savings $ 112,347.12
Convention Savings $ 14,202.82
Make & Take $ 2,003.55
Regular Savings $ 7,307.78
Total of these accounts $ 135,860.45
Regular Checking $ 27,054.11
Outstanding invoices: Journal $ 0.00 Postage $ 0.00 Liability Insurance $ 0.00
Total outstanding bills $ 0.00
TOTAL ASSESTS $ 162,914.56

Office Manager’s Report
• The EB had agreed to order lanyards for sale to the membership, which were misprinted “IPMS National Show” and will be returned

Ed Kinney moved to adjourn, John Noack seconded. Meeting Adjourned by unanimous consent.

Submitted by James Corley