IPMS/USA Executive Board Meeting Minutes

Teleconference Meeting,  Sunday November 25, 2007  9:00pm EST

Officers Present

Jack Kennedy (President)
Dave Morrisette (incoming 1VP)
Ron Bell (Second Vice President)
James Corley (Secretary)
Ed Kinney (Treasurer)
Dick Montgomery (DLC)
Mary Jane Kinney (Office Manager)
Bob Hester (Internet Coordinator)

President’s Report
• IRS NPO issue in regards to IPMS/OC – Nat Richards indicates IRS might accept the Convention if set up under the IPMS/OC NPO Incorporation. Individual host chapters can be liable for a 23% federal tax plus local & state taxes. If the show is an IPMS/USA 501(C)7 this could be avoided. The IRS could force the “Nationalization” of the convention by the EB under this situation. The EB will investigate this with our tax attorney.
• Journal Staff and Status of Ad revenues – Billing for V19J3 & 4 was not mailed due to Nationals. Nat Richards has resigned as Advertising Editor, and the Journal staff is advertising for the position, and will make recommendation to the EB.

Second Vice President’s Report
• Convention Management Cmte – The committee is scheduling their first teleconference to discuss standardization of future conventions. The committee is investigating the cost of having a specialized company to run the convention.

Secretary’s Report
• Hobby Shop Guide – The column in the Journal has yielded about 100 hobby shops, with about half of these being new additions.

Director of Local Chapters Report
• NPO Status for clubs – Many chapters are requesting coverage under the IPMS/USA NPO status. This is currently not allowable as each state has different laws.
• Charter Renewals – We are about two-thirds of the way complete. We currently have 220 chapters.

Webmasters Report
• Ron Grasmick – Ron shall be granted a two year extension for service as Asst. Webmaster.

Treasurers Report
Regular checking $ 49,658
Make N Take $ 1,891
Regular Savings - $ 7,280
Convention Savings $ 14,420
Investment Savings $113,839
TOTAL $187,088

To be paid…
V19J6 Journal - $ 11,080
Liability Insurance - $ 8,000 (actual amount TBD)
D&O Insurance - $ 960

Office Manager’s Report
• Our CC processor will now allow us to accept Discover Cards
• The Office received bound copies of the Journal from a member.
• It’s almost time for new brochures – we need to update the brochures with new images to send to shops on the hobby shop list.

New Business
• IPMS/UK and Overseas Chartered Chapters – While attending the IPMS/UK Nationals in Telford, England Secretary James Corley was approached about our practice of chartering chapters outside the US. This apparently violates our charter as a chartered branch of IPMS. IPMS/UK is the governing body, and chapters in Spain should belong to IPMS/Spain not IPMS/USA.

James Corley moved to adjourn, Jack Kennedy seconded. Meeting Adjourned by unanimous consent.

Submitted by James Corley, Secretary