IPMS/USA Executive Board Meeting Minutes

Teleconference Meeting,  Sunday March 9, 2008  9:00pm EST

Officers Present

Jack Kennedy (President)
James Corley (Secretary)
Dave Morrissette (First Vice President)
Dick Montgomery (Director of Local Chapters)
John Noack (Historian & Publication Director)
Ed Kinney (Treasurer)
Bob Hester (Webmaster)
Mary Jane Kinney (Office Manager)

Secretary James Corley called the roll.

Presidents Report
Ed Kinney will draft a letter to send to the treasurer of the OC convention requesting an accounting for that convention

First Vice President’s Report
Reviewer Corps is going great with about 75 Reviewers, but no web help. We are looking for extra Asst Webmasters to help with getting reviews on the web. Make & Take is getting more kits. Revell has donated a large number of models and are selling us some snap-tight kits at $1.50 each; Revell is also willing to make a special run for IPMS in 2009. Airfix and Hobby Link Japan have both joined our group of donating companies.

Second Vice President’s Report
• Virginia Beach reports that the room block in the primary hotel for the national has been filled. There should be plenty of rooms available at the other hotels in VB, however they are working with the Doubletree to see if anything can be done. In additional news from VB, they are still working on their on-line registration system.
• We have two hosts who have said they intend to bid for the '10 convention, Phoenix and Portland.
• Columbus continues its planning for '09.
• The National Convention Management Committee continues its work. The determination has been made that it will be best in the future if as much as possible of the convention be run by the National organization. This will require a computer program that would run on the national web site. A preliminary system requirements document has been drafted and reviewed by the IPMS Web Master. There are several non-system requirements that must be met first to make any system, original design or adapted existing, function and these are being discussed by the E-Board. There is no current time-line as that could only be set by whoever will eventually do the actual programming/adaptation and that being a major undertaking the person is still to be determined.

Historian & Publications Director’s Report
• We have not had any applications for the Advertising Editor position. James Woody will continue in this capacity for the near term future.
• All past due Journal advertising revenues have now been paid and are en route to Ohio.

Treasurers Report
Make & Take will need money transferred from the general account. Jack Kennedy moved, Dave Morrissette seconded, motion carried unanimously.

As of February 29, 2008:
Money Market Investment Savings $115,009
Convention Savings $ 14,193
Make & Take $ 1,728
Regular Savings $ 27,294
Total of these accounts $158,224
Regular Checking $ 36,425
Invoices to be paid: Journal - V20J2 $ 10,000 appx Brochure Printing $ 2,500 appx Liability Insurance $ 10,000 appx
Total Outstanding Invoices $ 22,500 appx.
TOTAL $172,149

Director of Local Chapter’s Report
We are up to 217 chapters with 3 or 4 groups attempting to form IPMS Chapters.

Office Manager’s Report
• Bids for new brochures have been taken. John Noack will write new text for the brochure, the board agreed to use the printing services of Klingstedt Brothers Co.
• V20J1 – Jan-Feb 2008 issue of the journal was mailed to 4364 members, up 24 from the previous mailing. However, right now it appears we will be down slightly from the 4364 number for this next mailing – the mailing labels will go to the printers on March 15th
• So far in 2008 we have 143 new members
• The office has purchased a copy machine and replaced the postage meter. Both will save us money in the long run. We have also updated our credit card processor so we can accept debit cards.

Webmasters Report
The website is running smoothly, no more outages have been reported.

Submitted by James Corley, Secretary