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IPMS/USA Executive Board Meeting Minutes

Sunday March 1, 2009 9:00pm EST

Officers Present

  • Jack Kennedy
  • Ed Kinney
  • David Morrissette
  • Dick Montgomery
  • Ron Bell
  • Glen Broman
  • James Corley
  • John Noack
  • Mary Jane Kinney
  • Bob Hester

New Business

  • President's Report & New Items – Jack Kennedy
    • Nothing to report
  • First Vice President's Report & New Items – David Morrisette
    • Late reviewers - two specific examples have over $300 worth of kits each and refuse any further contact with the Society.
    • Reviews/Reviewer corps in General. We currently have 90 reviewers and growing. The website is keeping busy and we have had some success in getting new companies to donate.
    • National Vendor database is complete and integrated with regular database.
    • Unsolicited reviews are still coming in.
    • Make & Take costs keep going up! The program is costing much more than we can recover in donations. The manufacturers have quit donating kits; rather they sell them to us at a huge discount. Our last order of 900 kits cost the society nearly $4000. This would cost the Society nearly $10,000 per year.
  • Second Vice President's Report & New Items – Ron Bell
    • 2009 Convention update. See attached letter.
    • 2011 Convention bidding update: The EB will approach past bidders about bidding, no other bidders have come forward as yet.
    • Convention seed money loan will no longer be needed, as the National Society must now take monetary control due to new IRS rules.
    • The new Convention Computer System is progressing. At this point, the primary decision is between purchasing and leasing terminals.
  • Secretary's Report & New Items – James Corley
    • Nothing to report
  • Treasurer's Report & New Items – Ed Kinney
    • Checking Account - $ 35,004.15 (2/24/09)
    • 2010 Convention Checking - $ 5,000.00 (1/31/09) (funded from regular checking)
    • Make N Take - $ 1,295.24 (1/31/09)
    • Regular Savings - $ 27,404.65 (1/31/09)
    • Convention Savings - $14,247.36 (12/31/08)
    • Key Bank Certificate of Deposit - $ 41,151.10 (5.00%; 9/1/10)
    • National City Bank Certificate of Deposit - $ $ 75,000.00 (4.40%; 11/1/09)

    • TOTAL in Accounts - $ 199,102.5
    • Liability Insurance has been paid - $ 9,857.00

    • Director and Officers Insurance has been paid - $ 922.0
    • Only large outstanding invoice is Revell Make N Take kits - $ 3,908.89
  • Director of Local Chapters Report & New Items – Dick Montgomery
    • IPMS has a total of 217 Chartered Chapters.
    • There are 3 IPMS members in separate parts of the country who are attempting to gather the resources to form local chartered chapters.
    • Beginning in January the DLC began to distribute relevant information to all Chapter Contacts via email. These Chapter Contact Communiqué messages focus on specific and time-relevant procedures and processes. The fundamental goal was to establish a two-way flow of information between the Chapter Contacts and the DLC. To date, this initiative has resulted in far fewer returned snail-mail, bounced emails, and a significant increase in the frequency and amount of questions being asked by the Chapter Contacts.
    • Tim Darrah, Regional Coordinator for Region 12 is recognized for his outstanding leadership as evidenced by his region completing the charter renewal process first, with 100% of the R12 clubs renewing successfully.
    • Also recognized for their leadership are Tim Darrah (R12), Doug Hamilton (R1), Mike George (R5), and Glen Martin (R2). These RCs set a high standard for communication and cooperation across regional lines in regard to event scheduling and advertisement.
    • Larry Randel (R7) is recognized for his willingness to serve IPMS as an Associate Webmaster, working with Bob Hester as the newly installed Assoc. Webmaster for the Member's Gallery.
    • RCs Mark Knowlton (R8), Gil Hodges (R11), Sean Glaspell (R6), Phil Hale (R3), Kirk Ballash (R4), Chris Bucholtz (R9), Jorge Moreya (R13) and Don Kehrer (R10) are recognized for their ongoing service to their regions and to IPMS.
    • The RCs continue to help individual IPMS locate clubs in their areas, help clubs contact unaffiliated IPMS members, coordinate events within local geographic areas, and to communicate effectively with other IPMS clubs in their regions.
  • Foreign Liaison Report & New Items – Glen Broman
    • There is still no Supporting the Troops contact available in Iraq or Afghanistan. Another option is to start donations to VA Hospitals.
  • Historian & Publication Directors Report & New Items – John Noack
    • Nothing to report
  • Office Managers Report – MJ Kinney
    • Membership is rising again
      • Sept-Oct Journal: 4241
      • Nov-Dec Journal: 4172
      • Jan-Feb Journal: 4198
      • to date for the Mar-Apr: 4119
    • Sent 217 post cards out to the non-renews from the Sept-Oct journal and have received 33 renewals from the mailing.
    • Expiration notice is an 8.5 x11 page
      • Current return card is too small
      • Need to increase card as there is room
    • Membership incentive program is working
      • we have 59 new members with 51 referrals
      • total of 121 new members this year compared with 48 this time last year
    • Biz office is now using a Virtual Terminal for the processing of credit cards. New online processing will be of great utility.
    • Bruce Briggs is building a new membership database program, which will be integrated into convention package for 2010 convention.
  • Webmasters Report – Bob Hester
    • Integration of the automated online credit card processing system is taking longer than expected, but development is continuing.
    • Election Bios need to be submitted by March 15
    • The NCC Section has been updated with current Judges and 2009 Convention Rules & Categories
    • The Make 'N Take Section has been updated to include on online “Materials Request Form”, and now reflects current materials availability
    • Associate Webmaster John Ratzenberger has completed a comprehensive redesign of the the Kit/Product Reviews Indexing system. In addition, he is now developing possible online streaming video features for future Reviews. It is the recommendation by the Internet Coordinator that the E-Board formally recognize John's diligent and long-time efforts to bring these improvements to the IPMS/USA Website.
    • Larry Randel has been selected to be the next Associate Webmaster for our Members Gallery; we expect to have him in place by April 1.


IPMS 2009 National Convention Update

Website: We are working through a couple of technical issues but are near resolution. Of greatest concern is getting the registration form to integrate properly with PayPal. This will be accomplished and uploaded as soon as possible. We are updating it almost daily now.

Legal/Fiscal: The state of Ohio returned our Articles of Incorporation Friday, I'm personally working with Michael Bradley of the Anaheim NatCon to get the IRS 501(c)7 submitted and completed ASAP, but will take 2-3 months for approval of the IRS.

Registration: 7 confirmed so far, numerous inquiries which we are responding

Vendors: All 269 tables have been sold and we are putting names on a waiting list. We're working with the Hyatt to see if we can optimize room set-up to allow more tables.

Schedule: This is an ongoing project, but is progressing well. Obviously, it is a work in process.

Tours: Pricing has been finalized for both the USAF Museum Tour and the Columbus Zoo/Zoombezi Bay Tour. The zoo is bringing animals in (probably Saturday) for a sort of "petting zoo" for spouses/kids. We are exploring a Clippers (AAA Baseball) group outing one evening.

Security: The final preparatory visit to the Hyatt has been taken and the walkie-talkies have been tested to assure their effectiveness.

Seminars: We have begun sending invitations for seminar presenters and have two commitments so far.

Awards Sponsorships: 14 categories, 10 special awards so far. Reminder letters go out next month.

Hotel: It appears the problem with booking Tuesday night (August 18th) at the convention rate has been fixed, but we will continue to monitor it. We've booked 539 rooms so far (out of 1460). I didn't get my end of the month update, as Nancy (our contact) was out last week on vacation. I now get an end of the month update, which she'll provide the last week of every month until June, then I'll get it weekly. We're also laying out registration tables, IPMS, etc. for the convention.

Volunteers: We are compiling a list of IPMS members close to our chapter who have expressed an interest in volunteering to help. These will be coordinated, trained and employed at the convention.

Special: Two Bob's has announced our special project, the 1/48th T2 Buckeye model. Lots of buzz so far. The convention decals will include a T2 scheme not available in either kit.

Miscellaneous: Awards on time/on budget. We have pricing for convention pins, judges pins, lanyards, t-shirts and hats, just need to determine numbers. We are determining the contents of convention packets and are near final determination. We have fixed the convention decal pricing and placed our order (Two Bobs will be providing them).

Submitted by
James Corley, Secretary
March 6, 2009

NOTE: This is the archive of the IPMS/USA Website. It is not currently being updated. Any information you find here may be out of date or incorrect. Visit the current IPMS/USA Website.