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IPMS/USA Executive Board Meeting Minutes

Phoenix Arizona, IPMS National Convention

August 7, 2010

Officers Present

  • Dick Montgomery (President)
  • John Noack (First Vice President) @
  • Ron Bell (Second Vice President) @
  • Tim Darrah (Director of Local Chapters) @
  • Larry Randel (Secretary)
  • Ed Kinney (Treasurer)
  • John Ratzenberger (DFL)
  • Jack Kennedy (Historian & Publication Director)
  • Bruce Briggs (Membership Secretary)
  • Mary Jane Kinney (National Office Manager) *
  • Eric Aitala (Webmaster) *@
  • Chris Bucholtz (Journal) *
  • Dennis Tennant (Forum Administrator) *
  • Mike Polk (Head Judge) *@
* = Non-voting staff or Guest
@ = Not present

New Business

  • Dick Montgomery, President
    • Make N Take... investigate any changes in the program that will increase the return on investment.. A discussion of the MnT program followed.... some options
      1. Continue as it currently operates
      2. Requiring info such as
        1. Members who were recruited during or due to an MnT
        2. Requiring host chapters to pay the shipping costs, excluding those chapters that contribute more than $50 per year to the program.
        3. Some documentation such as
          1. Sign in sheets (optional on the part of the participant and with the knowledge that they will be contacted by IPMS that participants, parents and adults only)
          2. Images for the Event Gallery
          3. Some sort of write up showing numbers, location, reaction of public and participants
    • Make N Take Discussion:
      • Difficult to get new members to credit MnT, or any program for that matter, as the factor that brought them to IPMS as a new member.
      • Jack K-Shipping getting more expensive—Chapters need to help cover shipping
      • John R—good response from local Make N Takes — it is good for the IPMS image
      • Conclusion—Continue Make N Take as presently configured, but watch costs and ask for additional donations to help cover costs.
    • Premier award – Voted to no longer continue the Premier award as of Sept 1, 2010.

  • John Noack, 1st Vice President - (Not Present-Comments provided ahead of time)
    • Transition to Patti Walden for reviews is going well. Thanks to John R for all of his work through the years.
    • Updates from Business Meeting Slideshow:
      • 8/2010: 136 active Reviewers, up from 112 last year
      • 732 complete reviews posted (over $25,000 of free products)
      • Extremely successful process, allowing us to leverage our industry connections.
        • Examples:
          $40k (retail) of donated kits and supplies from Stevens International and Testors for the "Supporting the Troops" and New Member Drive initiatives
      • Donations to National Convention – "goody bag" and raffle items

        Review Summary
          Books Decals Details Kits Features How-to Other (tools, etc) TOTAL
        Aircraft 87 51 160 112 1     411
        Autos 2   1 23       26
        2   2 45       49
        Military Vehicles 37   26 76 3     142
        Misc 18     11     14 43
        Ships 16   15 16       47
        Space/SF 5   1 8       14
        TOTAL 167 51 205 291 4 0 14 732
        Comparing 2010 vs. 2009
          Books Decals Details Kits Features How-to Other (tools, etc) TOTAL
        Aircraft 0 10 74 4 -9 0 0 67
        Autos 0 0 1 6 0 0 0 9
        0 0 2 11 0 0 0 8
        Military Vehicles 0 0 -1 -1 1 0 1 -11
        Misc 0 0 -2 1 -1 0 2 -5
        Ships 0 0 -3 -3 0 0 0 -2
        Space/SF 0 0 1 -2 0 0 0 -3
        TOTAL 0 10 72 16 -9 0 1 63
        Most of the increase in reviews was driven by detail/aftermarket parts.

      • Supporting the Troops
        • Rotation of contact personnel remains an issue
          • Several Clubs (Baghdad Hibby Club, Diego Garcia) are going strong
          • Always looking for new Points of Contact in Iraq and Afghanistan
          • If your Chapter has members serving there, or your members have family serving there, would they want to serve as a POC for us? Contact John Noack 1VP at

  • Ron Bell, 2nd Vice President
    • I have no action items for the agenda. Will present a report on what I've been up to.
    • Updates from Business Meeting Slideshow:
      • Columbus Convention - Final Report:
        • 2,512 entries
        • Total profit of $28,106; $14,053 to IPMS/USA
      • Planning for the 2011 Convention in Omaha is proceeding 
      • National Convention Management System continues to be utilized/refined/developed.
      • Bids were solicited from the Eastern Region for the 2012 convention but there were no submissions, so bidding was opened to the entire country.
      • A Constitutional Amendment opening up the dates for the National Convention was submitted and is being voted on.
      • The Convention Operating Parameters were reviewed, edited and re-written to be more concise.

  • Ed Kinney, Treasurer
Regular checking account $20,470.77*
Savings Account 27, 445.68
Convention Savings 14,272.26
Make N Take checking 2,069.51
Key Bank CD @ 4.879% 43,405.86
National City CD @ 4.5% 75,000.00
Total $182664.08
    • * Note that regular checking has purchased appx $ 10,000 in Make N Take kits this year and has opened both Phoenix and Omaha convention checking accounts in the amount of $ 5,000.00 each (these are loans to the conventions)
    • IPMS to pay bonding costs of conventions—cost is about $90.
    • No dues increase anticipated-but watch postage costs for journals if postage continues to go up.

  • MJ Kinney, Nat. Of. Mgr.
    • Membership Incentive Program – continue it??? New members to date – 144
    • Following discussion consensus was to continue the program.
    • Back issues of Journal – a year ago we discussed offering 4 copies to chapters in an effort to get new members – None have been requested. Will repeat this offering thru DLC.
    • Action: Send out message to chapters that back issues available to chapters
    • Update of promotional DVD for IPMS needed—will work on it
    • Updates from Business Meeting Slideshow:
      • July –August 2010 Journal issue mailed to 4305 ( 4419 in 2009 and 4291 in 2008)
      • 262 new members to date this year ( 681 total in 2009)
      • 198 family members and 25 junior compared to 29 family and 9 junior in 2009
      • Membership Incentive Program has brought us 144 new members
      • Event Insurance –Now processing Certificates of Insurance for all events, including Make N Take. Insurance company now emails Certificates for faster delivery.
      • Credit card processing continues with $ 66,526 for memberships in 2009 and $30,190 to date in 2010. Processing fees average about 2.6%
      • Special Products –Added a denim long or short sleeved shirt and a fleece blanket.
      • New brochures have been printed with updated verbiage and photos. Offered to all IPMS Event Contacts for display.
      • Back issues of the Journal continue to sell well.
      • Trademark Registrations – "International Plastic Modelers' Society" and "By Modelers-For Modelers" have been registered for another 10 years.
      • Now accepting credit cards payments for the Convention and coordinating all transactions with the Convention Committee.

  • Larry Randel, Secretary
    • No Comments

  • John Ratzenberger, DFL
    • No Comments
    • Amendment voting—Need to encourage voting by everyone.

  • Jack Kennedy, Historian/Publications Director
    • DVDs of almost all of the past Journals, Updates and Quarterlies are in hand. (This is almost a complete history of IPMS/USA).
    • Discussion:
      • Discussion of disposition of this historical collection to be continued.

  • Bruce Briggs, Mbr. Sec
    • Membership Secretary has no agenda items.

  • Tim Darrah, DLC - (Not Present-Comments provided ahead of time)
    1. RC-7 search completed, Les Walden took over from Larry Randel in June 2010
    2. RC-8 search completed, James Woody taking over from Mark Knowlton in June 2010
      1. Membership extension granted to Mark Knowlton
    3. RC-2 search in progress, hope to have the nomination in soon. Have 2 applicants
    4. 4 Chapters trying to form/reform
      1. R-5 Butler, WI
      2. R-9 McKinleyville, CA
      3. R-12 Conover, NC
      4. R-13 Puerto Rico (United Plastic Modelers of PR re-forming)
    5. 227 current Chapters

    • Updates from Business Meeting Slideshow
    • With no program available to build Fact Sheets, the Regional Coordinators will have to update them manually, and "bounce" the membership number to the membership database in order to obtain the new expiration date.
    • RCs got the Fact Sheets and updated membership database on July 1, 2010 in order to get a jump start on the renewal process.
    • RCs will distribute Fact Sheets to the Chapter Contacts starting October 1, 2010.
    • CCs to return Fact Sheets to the RC and DLC by mail/e-mail with any changes.
    • Chapters to submit the $20 Charter Renewal Fee, payable to IPMS/USA, to the DLC no later than December 31.
    • Renewal cycle concludes when:
      • Fee payment clears our bank
      • All requirements for receipt of Charter have been met:
      • 5 current IPMS/USA members
      • All officers, including the CC, are current IPMS/USA members (they count towards the 5)
    • Contact your RC or the DLC for more information
    • Reminder: A financial report must be provided to the chapter membership at least once per year. either in the chapter newsletter, via email, or by paper copies being made available at a meeting.
      • An oral report is not sufficient to meet this requirement
      • The written report must be of such detail that any and all questions regarding club funds can be answered.
      • This report does not need to be submitted to IPMS but just to local club members.

  • Chris Bucholtz, Journal
    • Publication has drifted off of schedule and now is drifting back on schedule
    • Added Mark Schynert as new writer for Journal.
    • Nice response from Nationals coverage
    • Good ad response
    • No burnout by content producers
    • Lots of good comments on Journal

  • Dennis Tennant, Forum
    • Transition to public forum has been successful
    • Picking up many foreign forum contributors

  • Eric Aitala, Website
    • Updates from Business Meeting Slideshow
    • IPMS Main site
      • 266,422 Visits
      • 1,507,287 Page views (30% are the IPMS/USA Home Page and What's New Page)
    • Reviews and Previous Galleries (from January 1 to July 22, 2010)
      • 286979 Visits
      • 1168621 Page Views
      • 202.34 GB bandwidth
    • Forums, New Galleries, and Voting web site (from Mar 01, 2010 to June 30, 2010)
      • 36,127 Visits
      • 308,853 Page Views (11% are visits to the new Gallery, 2% to Voting web site, the rest is Forum traffic)
        333 registrations 1576 new topics 15,360 posts 242,233 topic views
    • Completed Projects
      • Online Store for 2010 Nats and IPMS registrations
      • New web server & Forum migration
      • Online Voting web site
      • New Gallery web site
      • Updates to Calendar and MnT web forms
      • Various page updates...
    • In Progress Projects
      • New Reviews web site
      • New SIG web site
    • Things to do
      • Update Forum software

Submitted by Larry Randel, Secretary

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