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IPMS/USA Executive Board Meeting Minutes


November 3, 2010

Officers Present

  • Dick Montgomery (President)
  • John Noack (First Vice President)
  • Ron Bell (Second Vice President)
  • Tim Darrah (Director of Local Chapters)
  • Larry Randel (Secretary)
  • Ed Kinney (Treasurer)
  • John Ratzenberger (DFL)
  • Jack Kennedy (Historian & Publication Director)
  • Bruce Briggs (Membership Secretary) @
  • Mary Jane Kinney (National Office Manager) *
  • Eric Aitala (Webmaster) *
* = Non-voting staff or Guest
@ = Not present

New Business

  • Dick Montgomery, President
    • IPMS/USA 50th anniversary coming up in 2014—Suggestion received from Dick Christ (and other IPMS Craig Hewitt members) regarding possibility of impact on convention on this anniversary. Jack Kennedy and John Ratzenberger will serve as the Anniversary Task Group to recommend possible ways to celebrate this anniversary. The work of this committee is not limited to activities associated with only the national convention. IPMS/UK will celebrate their 50th in 2013. IPMS/USA will celebrate our 50th in 2014.
    • Recognition of work accomplished by Eric Aitala, details in" Webmaster" section.
    • Larry Randel assuming supervisory duties of MnT program, details in "Secretary" section.

  • John Noack, 1st Vice President
    • Finished a reorganization of the review posting process; added new Associate Webmaster for Reviews (David Goudie).
      • Back log has now been cleared and reviews are being processed upon their submission to the Associate Webmaster for Reviews
      • Hobbies for Heroes update: "In-Country" contacts are rotating out of country and the effort to maintain an active and viable "contact" is continuous. Working on contacting Army MWR (Morale Welfare and Recreation) to establish more contacts in deployed locations.

  • Ron Bell, 2nd Vice President
    • 2013 National Convention invitations to western region clubs mailed out. Only two returned and one had a P.O. problem that was corrected. No responses yet.

  • Ed Kinney, Treasurer
Regular checking account $32,337.16
Savings Account 27,452.60
Convention Savings 14,275.84
Make N Take checking 762.31
Key Bank CD @ 4.879% 43,562.24**
National City CD @ 4.5% 78,717.80
Total $19,7107.95
    • ** The Huntington CD was originally with Key Bank, but when it came due a better interest rate was available at Huntington, so it was moved.
    • Reference the Make N Take account – it was discussed previously that perhaps chapters could help with shipping costs. The shipping costs are averaging about $300 per month.
      • --Agreed we would continue to ask for donations to cover shipping from clubs when asked for MnT supplies.
    • Invoices to be paid:
      • Spectra Print – V22J5 – approximately $ 10,000
      • Revell Make N Take kits - $ 2,517.90 + shipping
      • D & O Insurance will be due in December - $ 990.00
      • Liability Insurance will be due late December/early January - $7,000 to $10,000

  • Tim Darrah, DLC
    • Currently we have 222 Chapters
    • Re-charter is going well, as of Nov 3, 2010, we have 36 Chapters (16.2%) that have completed the re-charter process
    • Chapters in Winnipeg, Mexico and a second one in Puerto Rico are attempting to reform
    • We might have a Savannah, GA chapter early next year.
    • Glen Martin, RC-2, stepped down after 4 years "on the job". Frank Froment replaced him.
    • Frank also was able to write a Microsoft Access program to help update the Factsheets.

  • MJ Kinney, Nat. Office Mgr.
    • V22J5 was mailed to 4315 – 10 more than previous journal.
    • 440 new members this year to date – 28 of these were from the convention
    • The Membership Incentive Program has brought 163 members to date
    • Special Products continue to sell – we have added the denim shirt - those that have ordered it like it
    • Renewal application has been submitted to the insurance company for the liability insurance policy. We will forego the automobile coverage this year and if needed, as was the case with Phoenix, we can add it 30 days before the convention. If it is not needed, it will save us approximately $ 3,000 on the premium.

  • Larry Randel, Secretary
    • Adding supervision of MnT program to Secretary's list of tasks (transferring from DLC). Load leveling move to take one extra task off of the DLC's stuffed plate. Received CD with records from DLC; will assume MnT duties in mid-November.

  • John Ratzenberger, DFL
    • Small number of requests handled since August.
    • DFL Web page on hold until SIG web page is done.
    • SIG News:
      • Seaplanes SIG reactivated.
      • Commercial Air -- have interest in restarting.
      • SIG Web page almost done.

  • Jack Kennedy, Historian/Publications Director
    • Individual Journal articles, in PDF, are now being posted on the website. Visitors can view these articles and will see the high quality and wide variety of content within the Journal. This effort has two goals.
      1. Show non-members that the Journal is a high quality publication, rich in content, and is worth the price of a membership.
      2. Demonstrate that IPMS enthusiastically supports modeling across the entire spectrum of modeling subject areas and is not focused on just one specific genre.

  • Eric Aitala, Website
    • President recognized the tremendous amount of effort that Eric has made in bringing improvements and innovations to the website.
    • Webmaster reports:
      • Need to update Forum software to latest version—will schedule the update in the next few weeks and give plenty of notice of the downtime required—a few hours but could be longer.
      • Side Note from Associate Webmaster Larry Randel—Members Gallery fully transitioned to new Gallery format in September. New Gallery system allows nearly instant updates as soon as a contribution comes in instead of having to batch all of the photo editing and webpage writing until the end of the month. I believe that was the last gallery to transition to the new Gallery format.

Submitted by Larry Randel, Secretary

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NOTE: This is the archive of the IPMS/USA Website. It is not currently being updated. Any information you find here may be out of date or incorrect. Visit the current IPMS/USA Website.