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IPMS/USA Executive Board Meeting Minutes


April, 2011

Officers Present

  • Dick Montgomery (President)
  • John Noack (First Vice President)
  • Ron Bell (Second Vice President)
  • Tim Darrah (Director of Local Chapters)
  • Larry Randel (Secretary)
  • Ed Kinney (Treasurer)
  • John Ratzenberger (DFL)
  • Jack Kennedy (Historian & Publication Director)
  • Bruce Briggs (Membership Secretary)
  • Mary Jane Kinney (National Office Manager) *
  • Dennis Tennant (Forum) *
  • Eric Aitala (Webmaster) *
* = Non-voting staff or Guest
  • Dick Montgomery, President
    • 2014 marks the 50th Anniversary of IPMS/USA and a 50th Anniverary Task Group has been assembled to lay plans for this important anniversary. The Task Group is led by Aris Pappas.
    • The election and voting process is proceeding smoothly. The forum contains a thread for discussion regarding amendment 2011-01. This thread was opened by the Forum Administrator on March 30, 2011. The text of the amendment and the CRB report are on the website and were posted by the Webmaster on or about March 30th. Information regarding the EBoard election process has been available for viewing since Aug-Sept, 2010 and is proceeding smoothly. A list of candidates and the offices which they seek will be entered into the minutes by the National Office Manager who is serving as the Election Judge, a traditional appointment for the National Office Manager. As in the past, on-line voting for both the EBoard and amendment will be available, as well as a traditional paper ballot provided in an upcoming issue of the Journal. More information regarding this process is available on the website.  

  • John Noack, 1st Vice President
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  • Ron Bell, 2nd Vice President
    • Convention Amendment will be up for a vote.
    • We have two convention bidders for 2013. One is definitely bidding and the other is still trying to decide whether to bid.
    • Omaha 2011 Convention preparation is going well. The chair and MJ seem to have pretty good communication.
    • Received verbal Phoenix after action report and have forwarded it on to the Omaha and Orlando chairmen for their info.
  • Ed Kinney, Treasurer
    • Treasurer’s report 4/1/11
Regular checking account $32,916.00
Savings Account 27,466.29
Convention Savings 14,279.40
Make N Take checking 600.60
Phoenix Checking Account ** 4,899.84
Omaha Checking Account  28,825.52
Omaha Wire Transfer Account 1,192.00
Key Bank CD 43,562.24
National City CD 78,717.80
    • ** Initial startup money has been repaid to National.

  • Tim Darrah, DLC
    • We have 5 locations that have asked for information on how to form a Chapter.
      • R-1 Rhode Island
      • R-2 Delaware
      • R-5 Bozeman, Minnesota
      • R-5 Rockford, IL
      • R-8 West LA/Culver City, CA
    • 2010-2011 Re-charter cycle finished. Three chapters have failed to renew as of 3/21/11.
      • 09-12 Humbolt Bay – Eureka
      • 12-01 Georgialina
      • 13-03 Great War Cyber
    • 1 Chapter voluntarily declined to not renew – R01-27 Cape Cod
    • 3 new Chapters.
      • one has (re-)formed, 01-30 IPMS/Suffolk Model Club/Francis Gabreski in Farmingdale, NY.
      • new one in R-12 12-21 IPMS/Catawba Valley Scale Modelers in Hickory/Maiden, NC.
      • new one in R-07 07-26 IPMS/Scale Auto Builders Ass'n in Portland OR.
    • As of 3/27/11, we have 226 Chapters out of 229 that were on the rolls for 2010, for a 98.7% competition rate. Regions 9, 12 & 13 still are not complete.
    • RC-3, Phil Hale, late last year decided to step down due to medical problems. Phil has been RC since Oct 03. Search was started with one nomination pursued. On 1/26/11, Phil announced that he will stay on as RC-3. Sole nominee thanked for his interest in serving IPMS.
    • We have had a problem with the contest map showing a different location than where the actual site is located. Eric added a field for Event Location Zip Code to get an accurate contest location on the map. Thanks Eric
    • Working on collecting nominations from the RCs for CoY, NoY, & WoY. Most RCs report that they are getting a lack of response from the Chapters. Deadline to me is 15 Apr, deadline to the EB is April 20, 2011.

  • MJ Kinney, Nat. Office Mgr.
    • Office Manager report – 4/1/11
    • V23J2 Mar-Apr issue of the journal was mailed to 4392 (V23J1 mailed to 4376).
    • Several chapters are using the Membership Incentive Program and have recommended multiple new members. New members to date – 164.
    • Liability insurance policy and D&O insurance have been renewed for 2011. Waiting on numbers from Omaha to apply for the convention cancellation insurance.
    • Credit card registrations for the 2011 convention are moving along. Communications with Omaha registrar and Treasurer are ongoing and seem to be working well.
    • The candidates for the officers election have been validated and are as follows:
      • President – Dick Christ
      • 1st Vice President – Steve Collins
      • 2nd Vice President – Michael Ronnau
      • Secretary – Dick Montgomery
      • Director of Local Chapters – Jorge Mustafa and Larry Randel
      • Historian/Pubs Director – Jim Pearsall

  • Larry Randel, Secretary
    • No comments.

  • John Ratzenberger, DFL
    • FYI items:
      1. Omaha will have 80' (8 tables) for display; I am trying to generate & coordinate SIG interest, but so far only a couple have responded.
      2. in final phases of testing an "Overseas Branch" listing webpage, to restore what was lost several years ago. New version will have many improvements over the older version.
      3. IPMS(UK) will turn over about 5 officers, including my counterpart, at their AGM in May. After that, I'll start checking on their 50th anniuversary plans. There are some other branch 50-40-30th anniversaries in the same time-frame.
  • Jack Kennedy, Historian/Publications Director
    • Jim Pearsall is making very good progress coverting the Journals into PDF format.

  • Bruce Briggs, Membership Secretary
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  • Dennis Tennan, Forum
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  • Eric Aitala, Website
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Submitted by Larry Randel, Secretary

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NOTE: This is the archive of the IPMS/USA Website. It is not currently being updated. Any information you find here may be out of date or incorrect. Visit the current IPMS/USA Website.