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IPMS/USA Executive Board Meeting Minutes

E-Board Meeting at the Omaha IPMS Nationals

August 2011

Officers Present

  • Dick Montgomery (President)
  • John Noack (First Vice President) - not scheduled – Proxy to Ed Kinney
  • Ron Bell (Second Vice President)
  • Tim Darrah (Director of Local Chapters) - not present – no Proxy
  • Larry Randel (Secretary)
  • Ed Kinney (Treasurer)
  • John Ratzenberger (DFL)
  • Jack Kennedy (Historian & Publication Director)
  • Bruce Briggs (Membership Secretary) - not present - Proxy to Larry Randel
  • Mary Jane Kinney (National Office Manager) *
  • Dennis Tennant (Forum) * - not present
  • Eric Aitala (Webmaster) * - not present
* = Non-voting staff or Guest
  • Dick Montgomery, President
    • The position of Legal Counsel was re-established and the EB voted to accept recommendation that Kaliste Saloom be appointed to that position. Passed unanimously.
    • The President expressed his appreciation for the services of outgoing EB members John Noack, Ron Bell, Jack Kennedy, and Tim Darrah. It was noted that the total number of years of service given to the Society by these four individuals is greater than 61 years.
    • The President noted that the 50th Anniversary Task Group conducted their first "in-person" meeting during the Omaha convention, and that plans for celebrating 50 years of IPMS/USA are proceeding in a timely fashion. The 50th Anniversary of IPMS/USA will be celebrated throughout 2014. 

  • John Noack, 1st Vice President (Not Present-- Proxy at meeting granted to Ed Kinney)
    • No Comments.

  • Ron Bell, 2nd Vice President
    • No Comments.
  • Ed Kinney, Treasurer
    • Creating new position, labeled "Assistant to the Treasurer", whose sole responsibility is to counter-sign IPMS checks.The EB approved of the appointment of Dave Morrisette. to that position. Dave can now be the second signature on IPMS checks. Passed unanimously
    • Second – a clarification. Somewhere between the 2 bids for 2013, Ron Bell said the convention did not pay credit card fees. Phoenix did and Omaha is going to. Since they would pay them if they were handling the transactions, it seems reasonable that this be made a part of the convention expenses. It usually amounts to around $ 1,000 +/-
    • Treasurer's report (account balances as of 7/22/11)
Regular checking account $38,459.40
Savings Account 27,484.35
Convention Savings 14,281.18
Make N Take checking 1,478.65
Cert of Deposit 45,936.05
Cert of Deposit 79,854.91
2011 conv checking 67,794.71
2011 conv wire transfer checking 3,540.00
2012 conv checking 2,000
  • Tim Darrah, DLC (Not Present – No Proxy granted but following info provided to board before meeting)
    • Factsheets have been updated & sent to the RCs. That is version #1. MJ will get a new DB to me at the end of August or early September. I will use that DB for the final FS for the recharter cycle.
    • New chapter trying to form in R-11, it's a car-only club. Both the RC & I have been working hard to get them to chartered as an IPMS chapter.
    • Replaced RC-4, Dave Morrissette with Ian Dow on 01 July 11. Training until 01 August 2011.
    • RC-7, Les Walden stepped down with immediate effect on 11 July 11. As of 22 Jul, no nominations have been received, however 3 people have inquired about the job. Have a self-imposed deadline for nominations of 01 September. (Addendum to this item: at least one nominee is now on record as of Aug 12, 2011)
    • RC-10, Don Kehrer, Stepped down. Recommend Mike Mackowski from Gilbert, AZ as replacement. Passed unanimously. The new RC-10 will take over on 01 September and be in training until 01 October

  • MJ Kinney, Nat. Office Mgr.
    • Office Manager report – 8/1/11
    • V23J4 July – Aug issue of the journal mailed to 4413 ( V23J3 mailed to 4473).  I attribute the decrease to a 3.5 week shorter renewal period because V23J3 was mailed late.
    • We have 341 new members to date for 2011 – Membership incentive program is still being used.
    • Omaha convention cancellation insurance was secured at a cost of $862.69
    • Surety bond has been obtained for Mike Van Schoonvan and George Schaeffer for the Orlando convention. Orlando's checking account has been opened with the loan of $ 2000 from National.
    • Convention registrations have gone very well from the national office end, although I have had some problems with emails from the shopping cart, which Eric is working on.
    • National Office Manager has been authorized to obtain IPMS Credit Card for paying short notice convention costs instead of using personal credit card. Request. Approved by EBoard.
    • National Office Manager has been authorized to obtain a Surety Bond for use in the role of Nat.Office Mgr.

  • Larry Randel, Secretary
    • Make N Take Changes approved in June 2011 - instituted model limits of 60 per event and 100 annually and require shipping of $1 per model after July 19, 2011.
    • Just finished buying 1000 aircraft snap-tites for the MnT program from Revell. Will soon need to purchase a restock on Auto snap-tites from Revell.

  • John Ratzenberger, DFL
    • No Comments.
  • Jack Kennedy, Historian/Publications Director
    • Progress has been great on getting the Quarterlies available online for the membership thanks to Jim Pearsall. The Quarterlies are all ready and indexed. Jim will now be working on the Updates and Journals.

  • Bruce Briggs, Membership Secretary (Not Present - Proxy at meeting granted to Larry Randel)
    • No Comments.
    • Proxy at meeting granted to Larry Randel (except for the vote on the 2013 Nationals—recused from that vote)

  • Dennis Tennan, Forum
    • Not Present

  • Eric Aitala, Website
    • Not Present

Suggestions from Gil Hodges during Business Meeting added to agenda and discussed:

  • To promote auto builders to enter Nationals, add 10 auto categories
    • E-board will forward suggestion to the National Contest Committee. Not an E-board function to decide contest categories.
  • When Journal is late, compensate clubs who had ads in Journal that would have been published before their show by waiving charter fee in next recharter cycle.
    • E-board does not support this request
      • Research shows that it is easily avoidable by chapter following the ad submission guidelines.
      • Delivery of the Journal varies in different parts of the country voiding any logical or reasonable attempt to set such standards as requested.

Submitted by Larry Randel, Secretary

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NOTE: This is the archive of the IPMS/USA Website. It is not currently being updated. Any information you find here may be out of date or incorrect. Visit the current IPMS/USA Website.