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IPMS/USA Executive Board Meeting Minutes

November 2013

Officers Present

  • Dick Christ (President)
  • Dave Morrissette (1st VP, Interim Treasurer)
  • Larry Randel (Director of Local Chapters)
  • Dennis Tennant (Secretary)
  • John Ratzenberger (DFL)
  • Jim Pearsall (Historian/Publication Dir.)
  • Bruce Briggs (Mbrship Sec)
  • John Lent (Chairman 2014 National Convention) *

* = Non-voting staff or Guest

  • New Business
    • Larry Randel, DLC
      • We’re at 40% of chapter renewals at this time. Most of the renewals will happen closer to the end of the year, so expect more activity then.
    • Dick Christ, President
      • I would like to get quarter page ads promoting the 50th anniversary into national and international modeling magazines as soon as possible. He asked John Lent to come up with the ad copy and a plan for this for further board action. Given the early publication deadlines of these magazines, we have to move quickly. Convention Chair John Lent will report back to the board with an ad plan in December.
      • After receiving a request from 2014 convention organizers to exceed the awards budget for the 2014 convention in order to provide specialized, 50th anniversary awards, the board tabled discussion on this until the convention committee could cast a wider net in hopes of finding a vendor outside their local area to produce the awards at a lower cost. Lent will look into this and report back.
      • In order to better support our Support the Troops program, we have asked that Jon Emery, the program lead, provide us with regular reports so we better monitor expenses to support the STT program in the future. Second VP Dave Morrissette was assigned the responsibility for monitoring his program and assisting Emery as needed.

  • Old Business
    • The President will be contacting the top two candidates for treasurer soon to further evaluate their suitability for the job. He will report back to the board and a vote will be taken.
    • The plan to eventually replace our existing convention management software with another software package proceeds with Bruce Briggs providing the executive board with a copy of his proposed specs for a replacement program. Ongoing research and discussion needed.
    • Director of local chapters Larry Randall is still working on a list of candidates for regional coordinator in regions 2, 3 and 4 and will provide them to the e-board for a vote by the next meeting.

Officer Reports

  • Dick Christ, President
    • The November executive board meeting began with President Christ sharing his impressions of the recent IPMS/UK 50th anniversary convention and show in Telford. Christ was one of many IPMS/USA members to make the recent trip to the show. He noted their display of historic photos and kits, our 50th Anniversary banner on display, and their special commemorative gold pin. While there, he had a chance to talk with various manufacturers about the possibility of producing limited edition kits for our 50th anniversary. Steve Collins will continue to work with these manufacturers about possible IPMS/USA 50th anniversary-related items.
    • Historian/Publications Director Jim Pearsall will work with 50th Anniversary Committee chair Aris Pappas to display some of our historic photos (and maybe assembled kits) at the 2014 Nationals.

  • David Morrissette, 1st VP, Interim Treasurer
    • No new items to report.

  • Mike Ronnau, 2nd Vice President
    • 2014 convention organizers have requested an increase in the trophy budget. A breakdown of several different options, including prices and example images, was distributed to all e-board members.
    • Hotel/convention facility contract has been signed with the Hyatt Regency in Columbus for the 2015 convention.
    • Bid letters for the 2016 convention have not gone out yet. I am shooting for no later than December 1st to have all the letters mailed to the chapter contacts. At this time, I have four unsolicited requests for the bid parameters with at least two very strong contenders for submitting a bid.
    • I will be contacting Mark Persichetti, in his role as 2013 Convention chairman, this week to discuss any issues he may be having in producing the final report and to have him contact his people regarding data the office manager and membership secretary need before the end of the year.

  • Dennis Tennant, Secretary
    • No new items to report.

  • Larry Randel, DLC
    • Selection of a new Regional Coordinator for Regions 2, 3, and 4 continues.

  • Jim Pearsal, Historian/Publication Dir.
    • No new items to report.

  • John Ratzenberger, Dir. Foreign Liaison
    • 50th Anniversary Awards to foreign chapters:
      • 8 sent out for 2013, all received
      • 2 reports/photos received, sent on to 50th, Journal, etc.
      • need to chase down 3 from October, have 3 pending in Nov
      • 10-11 for 2014, starting in March
    • 50th Convention
      • Ratzenberger intends to solicit international & USA SIG table requests shortly and will coordinate that information with the Aris Pappas and the 50th Anniversary Committee.

  • Bruce Briggs, Membership Secretary
    • No new items to report.

Staff in Attendance or via submission of report

  • National Office Manager - MJ Kinney
    • At this date (11/15/13) we will be sending the journal to 4,099 – the labels will go to the printers around the 20th of November, so that number should climb by about 100. We have 372 new members to date.
    • Looking for the National Chapter of the Year trophy after the convention. Dick C. will get with the head judge and leave it to him and 2nd VP Ronnau to track down.

Submitted by Dennis Tennant, Secretary
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NOTE: This is the archive of the IPMS/USA Website. It is not currently being updated. Any information you find here may be out of date or incorrect. Visit the current IPMS/USA Website.