By Tom "The BeeMaster" Stead, #39989 

The Joy of Modeling?

Once again the BeeMaster dropkicks a rather full hive into the crowd as we talk about actually building models! It seems a lot of modelers are becoming collectors of kits or pre-built models or are getting trapped in that “perfection above all else” snare. You know, that absolutely perfect model suitable for entry into the Nationals or museum display. The one model you’ve been working on for two years and wish some nice aftermarket supplier would come up with a resin and photoetch add-on for you 1/29th scale Starfire with working missile pods, etc. Gimme a break!

Model builders build models. There is nothing wrong with working toward that perfect model, but some people have lost that enjoyable spark we had when we started (or rejoined) the modelers fraternity. You remember, that joy of accomplishment when the plastic is painted, decaled and finished! While I continually work on approving my models, I’ve tried to avoid getting dragged into the modeler’s black hole of absolute perfection.

Just as a suggestion, maybe modelers should start getting back into constructing good and very good, but not necessarily perfect kits. After all the purpose of a hobby is to relax and have fun. Let’s get back to that, O.K.?


December 2003