IPMS/USA is pleased to offer another resource for Chapter events. A new CD is now available FREE OF CHARGE to all active Chapters. Created by Ron Grasmick of IPMS/Fresno, the CD contains several MS-PowerPoint presentations that can be set up to run automatically at your chapter event - (contest, mall show, Make and Take, etc). The presentations describe modeling as a hobby, provide information about IPMS, it's chapters, membership, contests, etc....a great selling tool for membership! In addition, you can "customize" one version of the presentation to provide specific contact information for your particular chapter!

To request one of these CD's, please have your Chapter Contact send a request to IPMS/USA Office Manager Mary Jane Kinney. Be sure to include: Your name & IPMS Number, the name of your Chapter,  the Name of your Chapter Contact, your Mailing address, phone number and E-Mail.

The first CD-ROM is free; additional CD's may be purchased for $2.00 each.

The presentation requires a PC or laptop with a standard CD-ROM drive, and Windows 95 or higher. The presentation is also compatible with MacIntosh PCs running OS 9 or higher. MS-PowerPoint is NOT required; it also comes with a "standalone" version which can be run on any machine. Technical questions may be addressed to the IPMS/USA Internet Coordinator. If ordering by mail, please mail to:

IPMS/USA Chapter Promotion CD
PO Box 2475  N.
Canton, OH  44720-0475

Please make checks payable to:  "IPMS/USA"