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Executive Board Meeting Minutes

April 21, 2013

Officers Present

  • Dick Christ (President)
  • Mike Ronnau (Second Vice President)
  • Larry Randel (Director of Local Chapters)
  • Dick Montgomery (Secretary)
  • Ed Kinney (Treasurer)
  • John Ratzenberger (DFL)
  • Jim Pearsal (Historian/Publication Dir.)
  • Mary Jane Kinney (National Office Manager) *
  • Eric Aitala (Webmaster) *
  • Aris Pappis (50th Anniversary Committee Chairman ) *

* = Non-voting staff or Guest

Dick Christ, President

  • Dick Christ indicated that, in order to facilitate contact between members and the appropriate Officer, he will direct the Journal to include a list of Officers and their emails addresses in each issue. This will also be stressed in an upcoming “President’s Message” in the Journal.
  • A new contract with the National Office Manager has been approved and the job description is being revised.

Steve Collins, 1st Vice President

  • No items to report.

Mike Ronnau, 2nd Vice President

  • An unresolved issue continues to exist with the final written report supplied by the Omaha convention team and the financial statements associated with that convention. Attempts at resolution have, as yet, been unproductive and an effort will be made to resolve these discrepancies.

Dick Montgomery, Secretary

  • No items to report.

Ed Kinney, Treasurer

  • Regular Checking Acct $ 15,228.44
    Regular Savings Acct $ 27,624.05
    Convention Savings Fund $ 14,285.21
    Make N Take Checking $ 657.61
    Colorado Convention $ 29,424.44
    Orlando Convention $ 29,006.99
    Key Bank CD $ 47,556.23
    National City CD $ 80,466.79
    Total $ 244,226.76
  • This past week we renewed CD with 80,466.79 for a 21 month term at 0.60% interest – not great, but better than a shorter term

Larry Randel, DLC

  • At the moment we have 235 chapters with 6 chapters that did not renew during the charter renewal period. That was balanced by 5 new clubs in the added in the same period so when all is done, we have a net loss of 1 club.
  • The process of compiling the nomination results from the RCs for chapter/newsletter/webmaster of the year awards in their regions is ongoing. In the next few weeks the information will be made available to the voting members of the E-Board.
  • Since we did not have a March meeting, reporting both March and April MnT info.
  • March MnT Report.
    • Make and Take Numbers for March 2013
      • Events: 11
      • Models: 700
      • Model Costs: $2218.60
      • Shipping Costs: $342.68
      • Shipping/Program Fees Paid: $700.00
      • Net Cost (cost minus fees): $ 1861.28
  • April MnT Report.
    • Make and Take Numbers for April 2013
      • Events: 6
      • Models: 232
      • Model Costs: $629.60
      • Shipping Costs: $95.38
      • Shipping/Program Fees Paid: $232.00
      • Net Cost (cost minus fees): $ 492.98
  • Year to date (Includes 9 future events in May and beyond) MnT Report. Make and Take Numbers for
    • April 2013
    • Events: 36
    • Models: 2001
    • Model Costs: $ 5756.35
    • Shipping Costs: $ 1058.00
    • Shipping/Program Fees Paid: $ 1862.00
    • Donations: $ 75.00
    • Net Cost (cost minus fees): $ 4877.35

Jim Pearsal, Historian/Publication Dir.

  • After much research and discussion the E-Board has determined that, at this time, no electronic version of the Journal will be offered to the membership. This decision is based on the negative impact such a program would have on printing costs and on postal fees. Contrary to what some think, reducing the number of printed Journals does not reduce the cost of either printing or mailing, but rather, adds to the cost. The option for electronic version of the Journal is not being permanently shelved and will continue to be considered from time to time.

John Ratzenberger, Dir. Foreign Liaison

  • The last of the policies suggested in support of our non-profit status for our IRS Form 990 submission was submitted to the EB on April 10, 2013 for discussion and approval and all have now been adopted as standard operating procedure.

Bruce Briggs, Membership Secretary

  • Not present - No items to report.

Staff in Attendance or via submission of report

MJ Kinney, National Office Manager

  • V25J2 went in the mail on April 17th – approximately 3 weeks later than usual. John Heck and he indicated it was entirely his fault and is already laying out the next issue. A total of 4351 issues were mailed this time, down 14 from the last issue. There were 228 non renews and 129 new members to date.
  • As some of you know there were defective/misprinted journals sent out with V25J1. 39 of them were replaced to date. The printer has provided $ 100.00 credit on the next journal to cover the mailing costs @ $ 2.32 each.
  • Member’s expiration dates have been changed to reflect the date that their payment has been received, whether it be via credit card, check, or money order. Ralph Forehand was kind and did what needed to be done with the FMP database, although it did create several additional problems. Several IT folks who are familiar with databases state that Filemaker Pro is probably the better one out there, although several Board members suggest a switch to another application. Requests the certificates of insurance for events and make n takes are still being handled. The DLC and National Office Manager have discussed how to change the event submission form to get the chapters to complete the insurance information correctly. The problem has yet to be solved.
  • Nomination Petitions for the 2013 E-Board election were all received by the deadline and the ballot will be as follows:
    • President – Dick Christ, Bruce Drummond
    • 1st Vice President – Steve Collins, David Morrissette
    • 2nd Vice President – Michael Ronnau
    • Secretary – Dennis Tennant
    • Historian/Publications Director – Jim Pearsall
    • Director of Local Chapters – Larry Randel

Forum Admin - Dennis Tennant

  • No items to report.

Webmaster - Eric Aitala

  • The New Gallery archive is up on Flickr at: http://www.flickr.com/photos/93469484@N03/collections/. It is linked from main gallery but did not make a huge dent in disk space savings yet.  Some Event related galleries were moved but those don't have the bulk of the images. A Flickr Pro account was purchased.
  • The Forum software was updated to version 3.4.3, and the new update to version 3.4.4 is out, and we may update to that version soon.
  • Some issues with images inserted into review text (as opposed to the slideshow) were fixed. About 150 reviews were updated by hand for the inserted image issue. A number of Reviews with links to manufacturers whose web sites have ceased functioning have been identified, including, Hobby Design, Concord Publications, and PT Decal. Work regarding the updating of documentation for adding reviews is underway and there is a need to create documentation for review formatting. There is a possibility of some work being done to fix to Review formatting to use proper HTML for headings.  That may be more difficult.
  • There is some research being done that should allow for comments from viewers on reviews using something like Disqus ( http://disqus.com ) which can be moderated, allowing both anonymous and non-anon comments, and has spam filtering.
  • A few issues with orders hanging up in the store are being experienced and are being researched. An issue with email not reaching the National Office Manager is appearing, but CC’s of those same emails are arriving to the Webamster without issues.

50th Anniversary Committee Chairman – Aris Pappis

  • The face of the plaque, the design, will be finalized prior to the end of April.

Submitted by Dick Montgomery, Secretary

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