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Executive Board Meeting Minutes

May 19, 2013

Officers Present

  • Dick Christ (President)
  • Mike Ronnau (Second Vice President)
  • Larry Randel (Director of Local Chapters)
  • Dick Montgomery (Secretary)
  • Ed Kinney (Treasurer)
  • John Ratzenberger (DFL)
  • Jim Pearsal (Historian/Publication Dir.)
  • Mary Jane Kinney (National Office Manager) *
  • Eric Aitala (Webmaster) *
  • Aris Pappis (50th Anniversary Committee Chairman ) *

* = Non-voting staff or Guest

General Items

A motion made and passed without dissent:

  • John R - That the cost of each MnT kit be set to $1.50 beginning July 1, 2013.
  • Ed. Kinney – 2nd

A motion made and passed without dissent:

  • Ed Kinney – That the request for additional trophy expenses, for the 2013 convention, beyond the agreed upon $12,000 limit be denied
  • John Ratzenberger – 2nd

Dick Christ, President

  • A committee has been staffed to investigate the possibility of the Nat.Office Manager’s database being moved away from File Maker Pro to Excel or Access. This committee consists of Bruce Briggs, Jim Pearsall, and Dick Montgomery.

Steve Collins, 1st Vice President

  • No items to report.

Mike Ronnau, 2nd Vice President

  • The EB has accepted the numbers presented by Ed Kinney in regard to the Omaha convention and that issue is now closed.

Dick Montgomery, Secretary

  • No items to report.

Ed Kinney, Treasurer

  • No items to report.

Larry Randel, DLC

  • Current Chapter Count: 236
    • Added one more new chapter this month, (Northwoods Scale Modelers Chapter #05-53 in Rhinelander, WI).
  • Compiling the nomination results from the RCs for chapter/newsletter/webmaster of the year awards in their region. In the next few days I will be putting the nominees up with a link to the Gallery site with the nomination information (as I did last year) for picking the national winners.
  • May MnT Report.
    • Make and Take Numbers for May 2013
    • Events: 4
    • Models: 200 (125 Aircraft, 75 Auto)
    • Model Costs: $569.60
    • Shipping Costs: $85.25
    • Shipping/Program Fees Paid: $200.00
    • Net Cost (cost minus fees): $454.85
  • Year to date (January to May) MnT Report.
    • Events: 31
    • Models: 1747 (647 Aircraft, 1100 Auto)
    • Model Costs: $5366.60
    • Shipping Costs: $994.97
    • Shipping/Program Fees Paid: $1707.00
    • Donations: $75.00
    • Net Cost (cost minus fees): $4579.57
  • All 2013 events (Includes 12 future events already supplied for events in June and beyond) MnT Report.
    • Events: 43
    • Models: 2546 (1009 Aircraft, 1537 Auto)
    • Model Costs: $7525.20
    • Shipping Costs: $1282.66
    • Shipping/Program Fees Paid: $2357.00
    • Donations: $75.00
    • Net Cost (cost minus fees): $6375.86
  • Considering that MnT costs have increased (Revell price increases and continued increased utilization from clubs and members),
    • Auto Models cost $89.95 per case of 25, which is $3.60 per model
    • Aircraft Models cost 59.95 per case of 25, which is $2.40 per model.
  • In most cases shipping averages about $.50 per model

Jim Pearsal, Historian/Publication Dir.

  • No items to report.

John Ratzenberger, Dir. Foreign Liaison

  • Dick C has asked John Ratzenberger to thank SMW for the offer of an IPMS/USA table at Telford but it must be declined.
  • 990 documents (Conflict of Interest and Whistleblower) are in the hands of the Webmaster and will be posted on the website with an explanatory paragraph written by John Ratzenberger.
  • In regard to the 50th Awards:
    • A design has been finalized finalized with on an initial quantity of 30 covering all IPMS/USA regions, international branches that have agreed to celebrate the 50th Anniversay, with a few spares for any future participants. The cost is a bit lower than expected, $20 each, and our cost for additional ones, if needed, will be the same. As we had budgeted $50 each, including postage, I am quite sure the overall project will come in well under budget.

Bruce Briggs, Membership Secretary

  • No items to report.

Staff in Attendance or via submission of report

MJ Kinney, National Office Manager

  • V25J2 was about 3 weeks late in mailing which caused a short renewal period for the next journal, which is at the printers now. We will be mailing V25J3 to 4,249 – mailed last journal to 4,351. There are to date 176 new members and 271 that have not renewed from V25J2.
  • Reference the office manager database, I have done some “exploring” in to the usage of Excel and it appears that although it would probably work to a degree, it will be very cumbersome and is not a relational database, which is a must for the membership. I will be looking at other options, as I am sure they are out there.
  • I have also determined that using an expiration date of when payment for membership is received (giving the member what appears to be a full year membership) is not going to work in the renewal process a year from now. i.e. if the renewal date on the members card is 4/21/14 (which date is one year from when we originally received his renewal) and the mailing labels went to the printers on 4/20/14, this member will have missed the journal and probably not be a happy camper. So for now, I am going back to the way it has been done for oh so many years.Members need to know/remember if the expiration date on their card is 04/15/2013, they actually have until 05/15/2013 to renew.

Forum Admin - Dennis Tennant

  • The IPMS/USA discussion forum currently has a total of 1580 members 1244 of those are IPMS/USA members
  • We have added 46 new members YTD. Of those, 25 are IPMS/USA members in good standing.
  • We have been getting a lot of spambot membership applications from eastern Europe and the 'stans lately. Our spam filter catches almost all of them and the ones that get past that filter are checked out by me and deleted if sent with spamming intent or from non-human origins. This isn't a problem, just an fyi that we are increasingly being seen as a target for spammers.
  • Total forum topic views, YTD: 24,529
  • New topics added, YTD: 506
  • Top ten forum topics, YTD:
    • Aircraft    4972 views
    • Bull Pen  2081
    • On the Bench 1949
    • General Modeling: 1937
    • Theme Pics: 1789
    • Armor: 1469
    • Contests & Judging: 1301
    • Ships: 1278
    • IPMS/USA topics: 884
    • Cars, Trucks, & Motorcycles: 845

Webmaster - Eric Aitala

  • The Executive Board Election site, is ready to go for online voting, and awaiting the directive to be “opened”. The timing of the activation of the online voting system will be coordinated between the Nat.Office Mgr. and the Webmaster.

50th Anniversary Committee Chairman – Aris Pappis

  • The design of the 50th Awards has been settled and an effort to provide article to various magazines featuring the history of IPMS/USA is underway.

Submitted by Dick Montgomery, Secretary

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