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Executive Board Meeting Minutes

July 21, 2013

Officers Present

  • Dick Christ (President)
  • Steve Collins (First Vice President)
  • Mike Ronnau (Second Vice President)
  • Larry Randel (Director of Local Chapters)
  • Dick Montgomery (Secretary)
  • Ed Kinney (Treasurer)
  • John Ratzenberger (DFL)
  • Bruce Briggs (Membership Secretary)
  • Jim Pearsal (Historian/Publication Dir.)
  • Mary Jane Kinney (National Office Manager) *
  • Eric Aitala (Webmaster) *
  • Dennis Tennant (Forum Admin) *

* = Non-voting staff or Guest

General Items

A motion was made and passed : That the Orlando Final Report be accepted as presented by the Host Chapter, written (July 3, 2013). Motion passed 7 (Y) – 1 (N) – (1) Abstain

An email from member Tim Kirkland discussing the formation of “Junior Chapters” will be researched and discussed. Junior Chapters have existed in the past and the idea has merit. Larry Randel, DLC, has been tasked with developing an approach to encouraging the formation of such chapters.

Dick Christ, President

  • No August Teleconference will be held. The Closed Session E-Board meeting scheduled for Loveland will be sufficient take the place of an August Teleconference.
  • IPMS/USA Facebook issues – Our Facebook Administrator is doing a great job dealing with potential Facebook Guidelines violations. Some IPMS/USA Facebook members were warned and then blocked for continued violations. Failure to follow the Facebook guidelines may result in the loss of the IPMS Facebook presence.
  • Due to an error by the Journal printer, some Journals were distributed without a ballot enclosed. Because there was no method to determine to whom these incomplete Journals were set a decision was made to send all members a ballot via USPS. A convention registration form was also included due to the failure of the registration form to appear in the Journal.
  • IPMS will participate again this year in the I-Hobby event in Chicago. A model display is being planned, and additional details will be shared as they become available. Several commented that a Table Presence for IPMS is a better commitment of resources than the support of a contest at I-Hobby.

Steve Collins, 1st Vice President

  • Reviewer Corps is moving forward and gaining new members.

Mike Ronnau, 2nd Vice President

  • Mike R – IPMS/USA will provide a banner for the Telford Event, congratulating them on their 50th anniversary (Theirs is 1963-2013, while that for IPMS/USA is 1964-2014). IPMS members present at the Loveland convention will be invited to autograph the banner with their name and IPMS #. The banner will be sent to the appropriate folks in the UK after the Loveland convention.
  • Mark Persichetti is now serving as the 2013 Convention Chairman (Loveland)
  • 2015 Convention – A chapter has submitted a bid. Traditionally, the identity of bidders is not released until the actual bid presentation at the Convention.

Dick Montgomery, Secretary

  • As a 501(c)7, IPMS/USA has complied with the 990 documentation policy for the IRS. As part of that policy IPMS has been collecting “Conflict of Interest” documentation for officers, staffers, and certain members. Thus far, the compliance rate has been excellent and stands at a 91% completion rate.

Ed Kinney, Treasurer

  • Treasurer Report - July 21
  • Regular Checking Acct $ 34,703.70
    Regular Savings Acct $ 2,640.93
    Convention Savings Fund $ 14,285.57
    Make N Take Checking $ 647.61
    Colorado Convention $ 52,296.10
    Orlando Convention $ 29,006.99
    Hampton Roads Convention Checking $ 1,000.00
    Key Bank CD $ 47,791.57
    National City CD $ 80,587.25
    Total $ 261,969.72

  • We have loaned Hampton Roads $ 5,540 for deposit on the banquet and $ 4,753 for deposit on the convention center, plus our usual loan to open their checking account in the amount of $ 1,000.00
  • With the deposit on the banquet, plus payment to the printers of $ 9,899, liability ins and miscellaneous other invoices due, it was necessary to transfer monies ( $ 25,000.00) from our regular savings account to checking. The intention is to return the monies from Orlando to the savings account, along with the loans made to Hampton Roads.
  • Regular Checking Account – approximately $ 20,000.00 of these monies will be transferred to Loveland checking at the end of the month for credit card registrations.
  • The National Office Manager will be added to the checking accounts as she is having difficulties opening accounts, transferring monies or doing any banking other than the usual deposits. This apparently is due to new banking regulations plus the Patriot Act. She is bonded as Office Manager.

Larry Randel, DLC

  • DLC has been in the hospital most of July followed by a slow recovery at home with limited computer access. 
  • Searches are underway for new Region 2 and Region 3 Regional Coordinators. Region 4 RC also retiring due to increased workload at work.
  • MakeNTake fee increase to $1.50 per model will take effect as soon as website is updated. Program cost increases have led to the increase.
  • National awards for Website/Webmaster, Chapter of the Year, and Newsletter/Editor of the Year have been made and will be announced at the banquet in Loveland, Colorado.

Jim Pearsal, Historian/Publication Dir.

  • No items to report.

John Ratzenberger, Dir. Foreign Liaison

  • 50th awards:
    • 18 countries participating, with one more considering participation. Mailing the Celebration Plaques will be coordinated with the Nat.Of.Mgr.
    • Coordination with 2014 Convention is on track.

Bruce Briggs, Membership Secretary

  • Membership Database Upgrade is progressing. More research, development, and testing is in progress.

Staff in Attendance or via submission of report

MJ Kinney, National Office Manager

  • V25J4 will be mailing to 4227 – last issue was 4248. There are 249 new members in 2013 with rejoins to attend the convention. Credit card usage for the convention has gone up from previous years with only a few checks coming from Colorado for registrations.
  • An upgrade to Filemaker Pro database from Version 6 to 12 is being reviewed and researched.

Forum Admin - Dennis Tennant

  • The forum continues to grow at a steady rate.
  • As of 7/20/2013:
    • A total of 50,605 posts have been made.
    • We have 1,625 total members with 1,240 being IPMS/USA members in good standing.
    • YTD, we have added 70 new members, 31 are IPMS/USA members.
    • The top ten topics are (with number of views):
      • Aircraft (7185)
      • General Modeling (3311)
      • The Bull Pen (3021)
      • Theme Pics (2608)
      • Armor (2418)
      • IPMS/USA Topics (2315)
      • On the Bench (2276)
      • Ships (2004)
      • Contests and Judging (1755)
      • Cars, trucks and motorcycles (1263)
  • No changes have been made to the moderation staff in over a year and things are running smoothly. No disciplinary actions have been taken for violations of forum rules but there continues to be a sizable number of false registrations from spambots which I delete on a daily basis.

Webmaster - Eric Aitala

  • No new items.

Submitted by Dick Montgomery, Secretary

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