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Executive Board Meeting Minutes

August 17, 2013 IPMS National Convention, Loveland, CO

Officers Present

  • Dick Christ (President)
  • Steve Collins (First Vice President)
  • Mike Ronnau (Second Vice President)
  • Dick Montgomery (Secretary)
  • Jim Pearsal (Historian/Publication Dir.)

In Attendance

  • Tony Abbott
  • TJ Misiolke
  • Ron Bell
  • Jerry Wells
  • Gil Hodges
  • Paul Anderson
  • Ralph Forehand
  • David Goudie
  • Mike Moore
  • Mark Young Jr
  • Keith Sullivan
  • Nick Filippone
  • Neil Butler
  • Alexas Watson
  • Mike Brickman
  • David Kimbrell
  • Bill Strandberg
  • Mike Mackowski
  • James Woody

Please see the PPT presentation from the Loveland General Business Meeting (also posted on this website for specific reports from Officers and Staff)

Comments/Suggestions from those in attendance following the PPT presentation

  • In regard to a shift from a 501(c)7 to an “educational” organization, how will this idea be presented to the general membership? (David Goudie)
    • Answer – through the website
  • How many paid staff does IPMS have? (Paul Anderson) and Are there any Social Security issues? (Ralph Forehand)
    • Answer – Two, the National Office Manager and the Journal’s Art Director are both contract labor. IPMS does not incur any issues with Social Security or insurance by using contact labor.
  • Do you find that monthly EB teleconference calls more beneficial than the quarterly meetings? (TJ Misiolke)
  • Have you thought about using “Go To Meeting” rather than conference calls? (Gil Hodges)
    • We continue to investigate the options and see if some other system will work as effectively as the current system.
  • Do you use trends and analysis to track and predict future needs and actions? Are we doing budgeting to identify problem areas? (Bill Strandberg)
    • We do not have a trend analysis program used throughout the year, but we do track and predict budgets for specific programs such as MnT and Journal costs on an ongoing basis.

  • Regarding the Journal and postage, do we know how much it costs per issue for printing and postage? (Gil Hodges)
    • Yes we do…..detailed numbers can be provided for those who want that data.
  • Do you order some surplus journals and can the overrun journals be given to MNT or STT? (David Goudie)
    • Surplus Journals are stored and sold by the National Office Manager
  • I’m currently working on a plan to distribute extra copies to waiting rooms, barber shops….etc. We need to attract non-modelers to the hobby. (David Kimbrell)
    • If you do take our Journal to distribute make sure and they have a loose membership application in the Journal so they don’t have to tear up the display copy.
  • Is there any way of measuring the effectiveness of any distribution program? (David Goudie)
    • There are some ways to “track the data”, much of which falls to the host for the MnT sessions, but regardless, the program will continue as a “community outreach” effort.
  • I suggest a rubber stamp on the donated issued that creates some way to track where the membership application was distributed and in what program the prospective member acquired it. (Keith Sullivan)
  • In regard to MnT, are we getting a record of the event back from the host? (Bill Strandberg)
    • We will start posting those MnT reports that are received in the DLC’s column. Not all host chapters submit reports.
  • Do we pay for these models? (Mark Young)
    • We pay a range from $2 to $3 each. We buy them in quantities of 25 and it is very inexpensive.
    • For MnT support, contact Jim Brooks. His email address is on the IPMS website.

  • Regarding regional convention supplement…. the number (as seen in the Powerpoint presentation) seems kind of low. Do the chapters take advantage of that? (Tony Abbott)
    • Some do, some don’t. Just contact your RC or the DLC for information.

  • What is the reviewer corps? (Paul Anderson)
    • It is a group of IPMS members who request to join the IPMS Reviewer Corps and to adhere to the guidelines for that group. They are assigned hobby related items, build them, read them, or use them. A review is written up, accompanied by some images and submitted to the IPMS Reviewer Corps editor. After editing the review is posted on the website, with the url being sent to the supplier of the item and tweeted to those who follow IPMS/USA.
  • Why does the Reviewer Corps not accept unsolicited reviews? (David Goudie)
    • Regarding unsolicited reviews, doing so causes issues with conflicts between unsolicited reviews and those reviews for items the Corps receives through its standard operating procedure. We have a procedure whereby unsolicited reviews can be accepted, and that starts by contacting me (Steve Collins) and seeking permission to submit the review.
  • Can the Reviewer Corps supply some or more reviews to the Journal? (Jim Woody)
    • Yes, the Reviewer Corps can supply reviews to the Journal and would be happy to do so.

  • Are there plans to revise the bid process and the manner in which convention financials are handled? (Mike Moore)
    • I will have an article in the Journal describing the financial system in an upcoming Journal. The process will happen over a shorter time span in the future and a Plan “B” exists in case there are no bidders.
  • One of the comments from my Region is that the local host does all the work but has no “say” in the manner in which the convention and contest are managed. (Jim Woody)
    • The convention is a National Convention and should reflect the philosophy of the Society and not the local host. Local touches are highlighted by local tours, trophy design, and other ways in which the event is influencing by the location of the convention. The contest is administered by the NCC.
  • Is it possible to create a job description showing what job s are to be done and by whom? (Bill Strandberg)
    • The parameters already contain job descriptions.

  • Will the Journal be available online? (Several unidentified participants)
    • IPMS is investigating an online distribution system and is being considered continuously. At this time IPMS is not yet ready to launch such a program.
  • There is a complete disconnect between the Journal and the Website….I never see anything in the Journal that goes to members about the website and the forum. (Gil Hodges)
  • Can IPMS set up a weekly email presenting news? (Keith Sullivan)
    • Volunteers are needed for such programs and there are many issues to consider such as privacy of the individual member. We will investigate it after the elections are over.

  • We should introduce consistent paper model categories to attract paper modelers. (Nick Filipone)
  • Has there been any thought to reach out to AMPS? We’ve had this discussion over the years and it ebbs and flows. I’ve found that a cooperative effort works best at the local level. (Mike Brickman)
  • How about the car modelers?
    • AMPS has been given “seminar” time and AMPS members are in attendance at this convention.
    • I agree that its best handled at the local and regional level.
    • In terms of the car modelers we’ve changed the national category structures to match other regional and national car contests…
  • What is the NCC doing and can you get them to revise the handbook? (Gil Hodges)
    • The new Chief Judge is working on it.

Submitted by Dick Montgomery, Secretary

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