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Executive Board Meeting Minutes

December 2013

Officers Present

  • Dick Christ (President)
  • Dave Morrissette (1st VP)
  • Mike Ronnau (2nd VP)
  • Dennis Tennant (Secretary)
  • John Ratzenberger (DFL)
  • Jim Pearsall (Historian/Publication Director)
  • Bruce Briggs (Membership Secretary)
  • Mary Jane Kinney (Office Manager) *
  • John Lent (Chairman 2014 National Convention) *
  • Eric Aitala (Webmaster) *

* = Non-voting staff or Guest

Old Business

  • Treasurer search continues. President Dick Christ has conducted one interview and will be conducting a second shortly. He will then give his recommendation and the board will vote via email.
  • The errant chapter of the year trophy has been located and is now in the hands of the California chapter that won it.
  • We'll be changing to a new insurance vendor (Leonard Insurance) hoping to improve customer service and lower our costs. DFL John Ratzenberger made the motion to change, Briggs seconded. Vote 7-0 in favor of moving to this new insurance provider.
  • After discussion, a motion was made by Ratzenberger (with Rec. Secretary Bruce Briggs seconding) to reward members who recruit new members into the Society with a two-Journal extension of membership for each new member signed up. This incentive will be capped at two year's worth of Journals per member. Motion unanimously passed.
  • The Board decided to move forward with the production of all-brass commemorative 50th anniversary pins and t-shirts. They will be made available to the membership through our online store in early 2014. The pins will also be given to members attending the nationals in Hampton.
  • Dave Morrissette and Larry Randel will work to localize our Support the Troops efforts. Their goal will be to get local chapters to become involved with their local veterans hospitals, etc. by donating time, kits, supplies and money to the cause.
  • 2014 convention chair John Lent reported that he has sent an ad plan for the convention to 2nd VP Ronnau and a link to the promotional video to Webmaster Aitala for use on the web site. President Christ said he would contact magazine editors about ad placement and pricing soon.
  • A motion was made by 1st VP Morrissette to increase the trophy budget for the 2014 Convention to $13K so that they can purchase special, unique trophies commemorating our 50th anniversary. Bruce Briggs seconded. Motion passed 5-1 with Tennant abstaining (because he is a member of the chapter hosting the Nationals in 2014).

New Business

  • After due consideration, DLC Larry Randel recommended Tim Ward (Region 2) and Dave Koukol (Region 4) to fill the open regional coordinator slots in their respective regions. The board unanimously agreed with his recommendations and Ward and Koukol can begin immediately.

Officer/Staff Reports

Dick Christ, President

  • No new items to report.

David Morrissette, 1st VP, Interim Treasurer

  • No new items to report.

Mike Ronnau, 2nd Vice President

  • No new items to report.

Dennis Tennant, Secretary

  • No new items to report.

Larry Randel, DLC

  • Charter Renewal Summary
    • Annual charter renewal period began at start of October and goes until December 31.
    • Charter Renewal Currently at 148 of 238 chapters renewed – 62.2% completion rate at about the 77% point in the renewal period (actually slightly ahead of last year at this point). Most clubs are paying the $20 charter renewal fee online (Renewal is going well but is quite labor intensive for the DLC (beginning to average 2 - 3 hours a day).
    • 1 New club since charter renewal started: IPMS OMG Modelers #05-54 (Region 5)
    • Notably successful regions:
      • Region 5 with 39 of 41 complete for 95%
      • Next closest is Region 12 with 14 of 19 complete for 74%
    • Not so successful regions:
      • Region 13 with 3 of 8 complete for 38% (it was even worse until the last couple days when 2 clubs renewed)
      • Region 6 with 10 of 25 complete for 40% (the worst number for a large region)
  • Make N Take Program Summary
    • As expected, MakeNTake requests have gone to almost zero in the past few weeks. We have only filled a couple orders in December. (Very typical of holiday period)
    • Make and Take Numbers for Dec 2013
      • Events: 2
      • Models: 200
      • Model Costs: $599.60
      • Shipping Costs: $123.98
      • Shipping/Program Fees Paid: $200.00
    • Annual Total for 2013
      • Events: 73
      • Models: 4227 (Aircraft 1944, Auto 2283)
      • Model Costs: $12301.88
      • Shipping Costs: $2354.62
      • Shipping/Program Fees Paid: $3845
      • Donations: $75.00
      • Total Cost: $14656.50
      • Total Fees Collected: $3920.00
      • Net Cost: $10736.50
      • Note: Hampton Roads 2014 Nationals requested 200 kits for August 2014—filled request in November 2013 $599.60 plus $104.80 shipping but will count in 2014's totals.
    • Annual Total for 2012 (for comparison purposes)
      • Events: 71
      • Models: 4089 (Aircraft 2273, Auto 1816)
      • Model Costs: $8503.99
      • Shipping Costs: $ 1535.27
      • Shipping/Program Fees Paid: $2666.00
      • Donations: $ 25.00
      • Total Cost: $10039.26
      • Total Fees Collected: $2691.00
      • Net Cost: $7348.26

Jim Pearsal, Historian/Publication Dir.

  • I have finished the index for the IPMS Updates, Volume 8 thru Volume 23. All of the Updates and the index will fit on a standard CD.  The issues are in PDF format, so are cross-platform readable.
  • I still need to put the index in PDF format, otherwise the project is done.

John Ratzenberger, Dir. Foreign Liaison

  • 50th International Awards:  7 contests complete, 3-1/2 have returned info & photos, am chasing other 3-1/2; rest in 2014.
  • 50th International Displays:  email sent 15 Dec asking about attendance, displays, etc.  1 Yes, 2 No, 1 Possible so far.
  • 50th SIG Displays:  email sent 25 Nov to 22 SIGs, asking for 15 Dec response; to date I have 1 Yes, 2 No, 1 Probable, and 18 whom I shall have to follow up with.

Bruce Briggs, Membership Secretary

  • No new items to report.

National Office Manager - MJ Kinney

Checking account $26,545.25
Savings Account ? 2,602.21
Convention Savings 14,286.06
Cert of Deposit 48,189.86
Cert of Deposit 80,790.19
2013 Convention 27,582.71
2014 Convention 11,271.08
Total $211,798.36
  • This total is the lowest it has been in the past 12 years.
  • I also closed the Make N Take checking and moved ($ 545.00) the monies in to the regular checking since we have not received any substantial donations in several years.

Support the Troops/Jon Emery

  • Business is good and customers are happy. To date we are servicing 3 FOBs and 2 Rec Center's in Afghanistan, Robert Head is running a program in Kuwait, and we have 4 VA Hospitals we are supplying stateside. The website is current and all POCs have been in contact within the month.
  • We are out of the money for shipping from IPMS MOSS's donation. MJ said not to stop so I am continuing to ship hoping to be reimbursed by IPMS-USA. I also try to divert shipments to POCs from donors when I can to save on shipping.
  • I would also like to have National enlist the help of local clubs to assist on the VA Hospital level. The 4 hospitals are Spokane WA, Bath NY, Beckley WV, and Hampton VA. Local clubs assisting their local VAs. It would make some great PR to have the vets from the Hampton VA Hospital assist in some way at the Nationals. Maybe a nice article in the Journal and FSM?
  • If you, or anyone, have a line on a glue donor (both tube and liquid) please send my way. I have to send at least glue, not paint always, with every shipment and it is costing a small fortune.
  • Attached is an article that Robert Head wants put in the Journal, please help make that happen. Dick is aware as well.
  • I think that about covers it. I am having the time of my life with this program and I wish more people knew the impact we are making on a handful of deserving men and women. Hats off to a lot of folks for helping make it happen.

Submitted by Dennis Tennant, Secretary

Last Updated:Tuesday July 10 2018