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Executive Board Meeting Minutes

December 2015

Officers Present

  • Ron Bell (President)
  • Dave Morrissette (1st VP)
  • Mike Von Schoonhoven (2nd VP)
  • Dennis Tennant (Secretary)
  • John Noack (DLC)
  • John Shimek (Treasurer)
  • Jim Pearsall (Historian/Publication Director)
  • Marie Van Schoonhoven* (Interim Office Manager)
  • Eric Aitala* (Webmaster)

* = Non-voting staff or Guest

Meeting Discussion

  • President Ron Bell confirmed that a mass email was sent to members regarding the computer loss, to be followed by a card inserted into the next Journal to help ensure all members know about the potential data breach. The information at risk on the stolen laptop was limited to member addresses, phone numbers and email addresses.
  • We continue to work on creating a task list for the Office Manager position and began to do the same thing for the Treasurer’s position. This is necessary because these two positions overlap in many ways. The goal is to have a clear list of responsibilities for both positions. Secretary Dennis Tennant will be compiling the list from info culled from lists provided by the e-board. Board discussion followed about duties of both positions.
  • 1st VP Dave Morrissette is working on shipping office equipment and supplies to Office Manager Marie Van Schoonhoven. DLC John Noack is setting up a free Google Voice account to replace the phone number on official correspondence (the old number was on M.J. Kinney’s home account). Board felt this was a good move given we still list a number on our official stationery that generated a fair amount of business-related calls to the office manager.
  • Treasurer John Shimek observed that we are seeing a number of Journals returned due to address issues (wrong addresses, addressee moved with no forwarding address, etc.) and pointed out that the society is charged for postage twice by the USPS. Members need to make sure that the national office has their correct mailing and email addresses.
  • A motion was made by DLC John N. (and seconded by Sec. Dennis T.) that we offer Marie Van Schoonhoven a contract to be our new Office Manager. The motion passed with no nay votes. Ron will make a first draft of the contract and present it to Marie after e-board review. .

Officer/Staff Reports

Ron Bell, President

  • No new items to report.

David Morrissette, 1st VP

  • Reviewer Corps
    • Late kit reviews are under control with only 20 overdue.
    • We are well behind last year’s review numbers. We’re at 857 compared to 938 at end of November last year. I blame it on slower kit releases and more work to get kits into our hands.

Mike Von Schoonhoven, 2nd Vice President

  • No new items to report.

John Shimek, Treasurer

  • Have been busy sorting mail, renewals both chapter and individual members and banking.

Dennis Tennant, Secretary

  • No new items to report.

John Noack, DLC

  • Recharters at 62%.

Jim Pearsal, Historian/Publication Dir.

  • No new items to report.

Eric Aitala, Webmaster

  • No new items to report.

Submitted by Dennis Tennant, Secretary

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