Cutting Edge Decals

B-17 E/F National Insignia Part 1

Stock Number: 48-260

Reviewed By Floyd S. Werner, Jr., #26266

MSRP: $6.99 USD

“B-17”- the name inspires the modeler with feats of daring against the Luftwaffe in the stratosphere over Germany.  Up until now this magnificent airplane seems to be underdone by the major decal manufactures.  I cannot recall if national insignia have been done for either the Revell B-17F or the Monogram B-17G 1/48th scale offerings.  With the release of Cutting Edge’s PYN-Up decals the need for good quality national insignia became readily apparent.

These decals come on one sheet and are expertly printed.  You are given the six circles for the national insignia and if you need the red circle for inside of the emblem they are provided separately.  You have two fuselage markings and four wing markings to work with.  The large U.S. ARMY on the belly is nicely done.  Everything is in register and opaque.

What is really nice is that you get extras besides the national markings.  You get prop decals which are much better than the decals from the kits.  You can also make up any serial number with the inclusion of additional yellow tail numbers.  There are eight sets of numbers from 1 through 0.

I highly recommend this sheet for anyone contemplating building an early B-17.

I would like to thank Meteor Productions for the review copy and the decals can be obtained directly from Meteor at or at (703)971-0500.  They are also available from most hobby shops.

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