Cutting Edge

B-29 Corrected Cowlings

kit number CEC48477

Reviewed By Frank Kranick, #20352

MSRP: $36.99 USD

Cutting Edge pays homage to the elderly but still worthy 1/48th Monogram B-29 Superfortress.  While it does have some warts, the kit is a gem for as large as it is.  Monogram has recently re-released it with addition of new Hamilton Standard uncuffed propellers, the type found on the vast majority of Superfortresses flown.  Right behind those big props reside the objects of Cutting Edge’s new correction set – the cowlings.

Monogram’s cowlings have soldiered on through several releases of the B-29 without much attention being drawn to them.  While adequate, when you look to reference photos – namely photos of the side of a B-29 - you can see the biggest difference this set corrects.  The kit cowling’s leading edges, closest to the prop, and the rearmost edges at the flap actuators, are parallel.  The leading face of the cowling should angle backwards from top to bottom and that’s just what this CE set corrects.  This, and more refined detail at the large intake scoop beneath the engine aperture and more detailed flaps at the rear of the cowling.  The graceful curves of the cowlings are captured vice the kit’s version which are much less elegant.

Also included in this set are cowl flap actuators to be installed on the inside of the cowling flaps.  These would add nice detail in an otherwise overlooked area should the modeler decide to use them.  There are 12 flaps on each cowling and 48 actuators included – just right.  The instructions are plain and simple – these cowlings are direct replacements for the kit parts.  Two photos round-out the single instruction sheet  The grey resin is smooth and cleanly cast.  The pour stubs are minimal and clean up with minimal effort, leaving nice, thin flaps at the rear of each casting.

The only thing I’d like to see in the set is a better photo for placement of the flap actuators – pull out your references for better images.  The one provided is a little dark…

All told, another quality product from a company that specializes in getting the details spot-on.  Now, where’s that B-50 conversion?  (Yikes!)


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