Kit Number 13012

1/35 M151A2 Hard Top w/Trailer

Reviewed By Bruce Drummond, #37265

M.S.R.P. - $14.00 US

This new kit of the M151A2 Jeep from Academy came to me packaged in a medium sized box with a good picture of the vehicle on the cover.  I found it also aided with the paint scheme as a color reference for the vehicle if a builder has no idea or references to compare with.

Initial viewing of the kit was very pleasant as it looked well thought out and very clean of flash, one of those shake-a box types.  There are a total of 171 parts of which 19 are not used and are spares (mostly glass parts).

Not being familiar with the more modern arsenal of weapons, I built the hard top version.  My other choice was an open top with the M-60 machine gun on a center mounted pedestal.

I built this straight from the box and was quite pleased with the outcome and ease of completion.  What was even more fascinating is the room for additional upgrading.  With cables and wires added for the radio and antenna and personal items.

The hard top can be lifted easily to display the interior.  The modeler is given decals for the dash board (my set was slightly out of register) such as gauges and warning signs.

The hood can also be opened to allow viewing of the well detailed engine.  Add some ignition wires and a few wires for the siren and wipers and it would look great.

The trailer comes with a hard top also and can be displayed as a static model or hitched to the MUTT.  This option is yours to choose.  The top has jerry cans attached to the rear of it.

I painted the vehicle in the tri-color scheme of the U.S. 3rd Infantry Division stationed in Grafenwohr, Germany.  This is one of the two choices of Divisional markings of the decal set.  The other is of the 1st Armored Division, Zindorf, Germany.

As I mentioned it is a nice kit to build and has many potential challenges for the upgrading modeler.

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