Euromodel Plus

1/72 Raketenwerfer auf Panzer IV

Kit Number emp-72001

Reviewed By John Bonanni, #13440

MSRP: Euros 19.00 (~$25 USD)

Designated as the Raketenwerfer auf Fahrgestell PzKpfw IV, this variant of the Panzer IV served as a prototype for the one of the first MLRS systems.  The standard turret was replaced by a two crew cabin, and a hydraulically operated launching platform. Only one prototype was produced during the war, but only testing was done on it.

Euromodel Plus is a 1/72 resin manufacturer based out of Poland. They specialize in WWII German prototype, and exotic vehicles such as: Ardelt Waffentrager, Sturer Emil, Dicker Max, and others. Their kits consist of resin and photo etched parts which are nicely priced.

The kit is consists of 85 nicely molded in cream resin. All of the pieces are crisply molded with fine detail. The only broken pieces in the kit were the front and rear fenders, which is understandable and most modelers replace them anyway. There were no warped parts after inspecting all of them. Although the launching platform has some excess resin in the holes where the rockets go, but can be easily fixed by using a drill bit. Most of the parts are molded in a way when removing excess resin no damage will be done to the part.

A nice thing about this kit is that the suspension arms are molded separate allowing the model to have its suspension articulated anyway the modeler would like. Although the tracks are molded in resin, bending them the way you want will take some warm water or you could just replace them with a extra pair of Hasegawa tracks. Assembly of the model is straight forward and most of the parts fit well together. As said before the only minor problem is the tracks.

The instruction manual to the model is a little vague at some points, if the modeler is using outside references there should be no problem. There are no decals provided in the kit due to the actual vehicle having no insignia on it. The model should be painted in panzer gray.

In conclusion a highly recommend this model to all armor enthusiasts. This is the only representation of this vehicle in 1/72 scale. It is fairly priced and beautifully molded. I would like John Noack and Euromodel Plus for the great review sample.

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