Kecay Publishers
Assembly Ships of the Mighty Eighth
by  Jacek Jackiewicz & Robert Bock
Reviewed By  Floyd S. Werner, Jr, IPMS# 26266

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MSRP: $49.90
ISBN: 978-83-924914-1-5
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How many of you remember the Monogram B-24 kit with the diorama sheet by Shep Paine? I certainly do. Until then I did not even know there were assembly ships. I would have never guessed that there were so many until now. This new soft bound book by Kecay Publishers is full color on 120 pages of high quality paper with close to 200 photos, 29 multi-view and 25 side profiles.

Written in English this book is more about the pictures and drawings than the text. Does that mean the text doesn't have something interesting to say? Not at all. The text follows the aircraft and tells a brief history of each particular aircraft. You are treated to the development of the camouflage and an explanation of the use of assembly ships. The color photos are exceptional and support the drawings very nicely.

Who knew there was so much information on these colorful aircraft, B-17s, B-24s, P-47s and other aircraft? Colorful doesn't even begin to touch on some of these bizarre aircraft. Red, Green, Yellow, Red and White are just some of the colors employed. Patterns include stripes, spots, zigzag, checkers and other patterns that defy identification are just some of the unique spin on these stalwarts.

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Just like Shep Paine's diorama, this book is chock full of plenty of aircraft that will tantalize your paint pallet. My personal favorite is a spotted B-17F. Some of these aircraft were famous before they were colorful such as Wabash Cannonball. You like shark mouthed aircraft? Well there are plenty of them here. Colorful paint schemes, bright colors and a shark mouth, what more could you ask for?

The B-24 has the most colorful ships of the book. One of neatest formation ships is the one that has many B-24s of various sizes on the side. I'd love to build this one in 1/48th scale. Purple pink polka dots are included in the book as well. I mean there is something for everyone. Of course, the Shep Paine B-24 is included with photos and a four view color profile.

This book contains everything a modeler could possibly want in a reference book. Every aircraft is covered with good clear photos of the ships and then the color profiles for each one, most are four sided views. P-47s seem to be the fighter formation monitor of choice for the 8th Bomber Command.

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If you are looking for something totally different to add to your library this is the book. I thoroughly enjoyed the entire book. There is nothing about this book that I didn't like. The photos are exceptional with many unpublished until now. The color profiles are beautiful renditions of the real thing and extremely helpful to the model builder. The text will add a lot to the knowledge of these unique aircraft.

Some will question the cost of the book. I thought it was worth every penny. Also the cost already includes the shipping and handling so $49.90 is all that you pay. You can obtain yours directly from Kecay at their web site.

Highly recommended.

Thanks to Kecay for the review copy.

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