Ed Bisconti
Rockets Missiles and Spacecraft Volume II
by  Ed Bisconti, Editor
Reviewed By  Thomas Castronuova, IPMS# 39027
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MSRP: $30.00

Reference material for rockets, missiles, and space craft is not all that easy to obtain. Certainly, old box art with instruction and decals and the old information pamphlets are even more difficult to obtain. Ed Bisconti has an excellent reference source in this product.

This two compact disk set contains over 45 historic rockets, missiles, and spacecraft kits in over 661 pages of Adobe program. I have included a list of the kits for your use.
  -  Adams "Missile Transport K-158
  -  Airfix Lunar Module Kit #3085
  -  Airfix Orion Spacecraft kit #05171-6
  -  Arii SS..1C Scud A686-2400
  -  Aurora "'American Astronaut lit Kit #409
  -  Aurora "'Prototype Model"'
  -  Prototype Drawings
  -  Color Picture of Prototype
  -  Aurora Regulus - II Kit
  -  Aurora X-15 Rocket Powered' Airplane Kit #120
  -  Collect-Aire X-15 kit #4808
  -  Collect-Aire X-20 "'Dyna Soar"' Kit #4801
  -  Comet Atlas Missile Kit PL-803
  -  DML NB-52B with X-15A-2 & Pegasus Kit #209
  -  Glencoe "'Three Stage ferry Rocket"' Kit #05908
  -  Hawk Jupiter - C Kit #150
  -  Hawk Martin Matador Kit #801
  -  Project Vanguard Satellite Kit #515
  -  "Stars" Article on Vanguard Model
  -  Lindberg Snark Kit #687
  -  Lindberg Star Probe. Kit #1147
  -  Mach 2 SM-75 Thor
  -  Marco's Miniatures Pershing 1-A
  -  Marco's Miniatures Titan - lilt
  -  Monogram U.S. Earth Satellites
  -  Monogram "Gus Grissom" Memorial kit
  -  Maj. Grissom - Young -1965 *8 mm Film
  -  John Young, Gus grissom, Gene Kranz
  -  Monograms snark
  -  Monogram Little John XM-47 Missile
  -  Little John Video in Two Formats
  -  Monogram U.S. Missile Arsenal PD-40
  -  Newware Viking - 10
  -  Panzer Models' Firebee - II
  -  Renwal Hawk
  -  Renwal Vanguard
  -  Revell "Astronaut in Space"
  -  Author's Astronaut Drawing
  -  Revell HM Bomac" 1M-99
  -  Revell HM Corporal
  -  Revell "Everything is Go"
  -  Revell HM Nike Ajax Sam wI launcher Short Nike 8mm film with sound
  -  Revell HM Thor and Jupiter
  -  Revell XSl -1 Manned Space Ship
  -  Roskopf Nike - Ajax
  -  Author's 1/128 N Scale Corporal

The compact disks contain quality box art images of sides and tops and instructions for the kits. This reference source also contains most of the decals.

The box art photos are nicely done and presented well. Most of the kits reviewed even contain the assembly instruction. The CD set is nicely presented and takes advantage of adobe bookmark and viewing functions to operate. You can very quickly get to any one of the review kits for the information you need.

I experienced no problems with reading from the cds or printing individual images from the disk.

I believe this set is a good value and would be valuable to both collectors and model builders alike. The set also contain a few of videos of completed historic model kits.

You may purchase this two cd set from directly from Ed at:
  Ed Bisconti
  112 Harding Court
  Glendale Heights, IL 60139-1816
  Or Email: ed1106@aol.com.
Ed accepts Paypal, money orders, or checks.

I would like to thank Ed Bisconti and John Noack for giving me the opportunity to review this product for IPMS.
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