Avi Print
Avi Print 1/48 Ki-45 Toryu- Nick
Sheet Number: 48016
Reviewed by  Floyd S. Werner, Jr, IPMS# 26266

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MSRP: $12.99 Review sheet courtesy of Eduard (www.eduard.cz)
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The Hasegawa Ki-45 Nick came as a shock to many of us, especially with the inclusion of the Japanese truck. Such a wonderful kit just begs for some unique markings. This fine kit looks every bit the aircraft but the decals in the box are okay looking but Avi Print has come to the rescue.

What do you get in the package? You get a full color two sided instruction sheet and one sheet of decals.

Avi Prints latest decal sheet has markings for four aircraft. For those modelers who are afraid of the intricate paint schemes there is one aircraft is an overall Grey Green (Ame-iro) aircraft from the 13th Sentai. The remaining three are camouflaged similarly with splotches of green applied over the Grey Green. One is from New Britain with the 13th Sentai. The other two have the Defense of the Home Island white bands around the hinomarus. One is from the 53rd Sentai and has beautiful blue tail markings and the other aircraft is from the 4th Sentai. All the aircraft have the yellow leading edge identification bands. There is one set of hinomarus and then the individual tail markings and aircraft number on the sheet. The colors look very good. The reds are not too red and are not too bright.

The decals are perfectly printed, in register and look great. Avi Print decals are thin and react well with MicroSol and Set. They do tend to stick to the model quickly. This can be overcome by adding a little spit on your finger then touching it to the to the surface which is just enough to overcome the surface tension and allows you to maneuver the decal into position. These decals are great and can be used on the Hasegawa or the venerable Nichimo kits.

Highly recommended.

Thanks to Eduard and Avi Print decals for the review decals.

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