Small World Accessories
1/48 Fuel Tank for Albatros D.I, D.II, D.II, D.V and W.4

kit number SWAR 4803

Reviewed By Charles Landrum, #26328

MSRP: €1.90 Euro

(the price is 1.90 euro which is approx $2, but subtract the value added tax – VAT – by dividing by 1.2 and the cost in Euros currently equals the cost in dollars)

Mondoridotto di Mario Bartoli

P.O.Box 288 Pisa Centro

56100 Pisa


Fax: +39 050 31.57.231


My thanks to Mario Bartoli of Mondoridotto for this review set.

Mondoridotto (small world) is a new Italian company on the modeling scene.  In addition to running a hobby store, Mario Bartoli has released a line of resin aircraft accessories.  One of the first offered is his upgrade for the Albatros series of WW1 fighters.

This is a simple improvement to the already detailed Eduard kits that corrects a major omission, the need for a fuel tank.  The Albatros carried the fuel tank between the engine and the firewall and it was visible between the machine guns.  Eduard left off the tank probably with the idea that it can’t really be seen.  However, there is a visible void below the guns - this fuel tank properly fills that void.

The fuel tank is cleanly cast in one piece requiring no cleanup other than removal of the pour stub.  The detail includes filler spouts, retaining strap and wire runs along one side.  It is a drop in fit, at least on the initial D.V release kit that I have, and sits on styrene engine mount.  The recommended color of the tank is aluminum.

If you enjoy detailing the interior of the rather basic aircraft of WWI, this is a nice inexpensive accessory that will add further detail to your Albatros.  Highly recommended.

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