1/48 Seafire FR.46/FR.47 Engine Set
For the Airfix kit
Stock Number: 4323
Reviewed By  Charles Landrum, IPMS# 26328

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MSRP: $43.95
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If you are lucky enough to have picked up the Grand Phoenix release of the Airfix Seafire Mk.46/47 than you will recognize this detail set. The Airfix Seafire Mk.46/47 kit is one of their best; out of the box it builds into a nice model. The kit is also a great platform for the super detailer. This re-release, covering the powerful Griffin engine, answers the need of those with AMS.

It is good to see this detail set re-released, this time around the parts are crisply cast in a durable gray resin; the detail is just as crisp as the first release. There is a lot of detail packed into the blister pack; it is a kit unto itself. The set includes 23 resin parts, a PE fret and .05 and .09 copper wire to add the required plumbing. As far as I can tell it everything that you need to represent a complete engine compartment is included: the engine block, accessory section, the top of the engine block, turbo charger, exhaust pipes, propeller shaft, the extended chin scoop for the Fr.47, fire wall, the engine mounts, and all of the cowling pieces to show off the engine once it is assembled. The PE fret provides the framing to which the cowling panels fasten. Close-ups of the major engine components and the firewall reveal just how much detail is in this set

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The kit instructions are clear and straightforward. The pour blocks are pretty well engineered and none will be that difficult to remove. With all of this detail the engine compartment will be a tight fit. The key is to make sure that the mating surfaces are even and the components plumb - don't force anything. Also you want to make sure that the firewall and engine mounts are true so you don't end up with a deviated septum to detract from your otherwise good work. The trickiest part of the assembly will be the cowling frames.

Super-detailers with good engine references will undoubtedly want to add more details, but out-of-the-blister-pack this set offers a lot of details. A good wash and drybrushing will definitely enhance the set. While I am not one for modeling aircraft undergoing maintenance, the detail of this set has changed my opinion. While $44 may seem like a lot of money for a detail set, the quality is well above similar detail sets offered by other companies. Strongly recommended.

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