1/32 F86F-30 Cockpit Set
For the Kinetic kit
Stock Number: AV32049
Reviewed By  Ed Kinney, IPMS# 2989

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MSRP: $40

As always, these releases are beautifully mastered and flawlessly cast in cream colored resin with no visible pinholes or warps. All are designed as direct replacements for the kit cockpits and will change the appearance of the subject from "ho-hum" to museum quality.

In examining the kit cockpit, the injection molded parts are found wanting and very Spartan in detail. Avionix to the rescue. This correction set consists of a total of 23 separate parts engineered to turn the Sabres "front office" into something special. As images show this set isn't just limited to the cockpit, but includes corrected replacement resin gun bays as well. The cockpit tub is well detailed, and the seat, consisting of 7 parts is beautiful when completed. It is mastered with the belts, harnesses and O2 hoses in place as well. Other parts included are the HUD camera, control stick, highly detailed instrument panel and coaming, throttle, rudder pedals, rear canopy decking and braces, and more ! If you feel the need to Super Detail your Sabre, this set will most certainly help immensely. This set will require some minor trimming of kit parts to insure a good fit, so test fit several times before permanently gluing parts into the fuselage.

Again, these releases are what we've come to expect in terms of superior quality from Jef. They can be ordered directly from them and are ready for shipping now. Check out their website at www.vmdstudios.com for these and other offerings from Avionix.

Many thanks to him and IPMS/USA for the review samples!

Most highly recommended.

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