Two Bobs
1/72 & 1/48 B-1B Dakota Backbone decals
Sheet Numbers: 1/72: 72-085 & 1/48: 48-204
Reviewed by  Dick Montgomery, IPMS# 14003

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MSRP: Approx $12.00 each
Website: Two Bobs

The Package
Two Bobs decals are sold in zip lock bags with a thick card stock “instruction sheet”. The instruction sheet also serves to stiffen the bag and protect the decals. All samples arrived in perfect condition.

The Markings
These sheets are not bundled together but arrived to this reviewer, coincidentally, at the same time. The sheets cover the same subject matter and in some cases provide markings for the same airframe.

Sheet #48-204 (1/48th scale) provides markings for seven different aircraft, all from either the 37th or 34th Bomber Squadrons. These squadrons are the Tigers (37th) and the T-Birds (34th). The markings depict aircraft which were stationed in the combat zone as well as markings for post-deployment operations.

The Decal Sheets
The decals have virtually no surplus carrier film extending beyond the printed colors. This translates to an easy and simple application process, with the opportunity for silvering minimized to near zero. The exceptions to this rule are a set of wing-walks, which have a large area within the no-step lines. If desired that carrier film can be removed with a sharp blade, but doing so will make the decal more likely to fold, tear, or roll over. The guidelines for the in-flight refueling port have the same issue. One can apply the decals with the carrier film still intact and bathe it with decal setting solution or one can cut the decals into more manageable pieces, applying only the stripes. In the end, this isn’t much of an issue. My practice shots with these decals indicated that the carrier film disappeared when applied to a glossy surface, regardless of the amount of surface area that the carrier film covered. When applied to a flat (non-glossy) surface the carrier film disappeared just as it did when applied on a glossy surface. After applying a sealer coat there was no visible difference in the decals with the carrier film in place and the decals with the carrier film trimmed away whether it was applied to a glossy or flat surface.

The 48th sheet and 72nd sheet provide markings for the same aircraft. Because of the extra space available on the 72nd scale sheets the modeler gets some extra goodies. Additional No-Step lines are provided as well as an extra decal for the in-flight refueling guidelines.

The Instructions
Two Bobs provides some excellent reference material printed on the instruction sheet. A series of color images show the aircraft for which markings are provided. 3-view profile drawings provide a location guide for the various stencils, squadron markings, and nose-art. Text provides some interesting facts about the aircraft which carried the markings provided on the sheet.

Along with the text and location guide, Two Bobs provides paint references as well, and for four different brand names, those being Testors MM, Humbrol, Gunze, and Xtracrylics. Two Bobs also provides a “What’s Out There” listing of kits and detail sets that are readily available.

Two Bobs decals are a very high quality product and these sheets for the B-1b are highly recommended. The markings are researched well, the printing registry is dead-on, and the sheets provide a range of markings for the Lancer. I would like to thank Two Bobs for providing these fine decals for review.

These decals work with:
  • 1/72 Revell B-1b, kit #04307
  • 1/72 Monogram B-1, kits #5605 & 5606
  • 1/72 MPC B-1, kit# 1-4551
  • 1/72 Airfix B-1, kit #12003
  • 1/48 Revell B-1b, kit #5714

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