Bombshell Decals
1/48 B-25J "Corsica" Series
Sheet Number: 48-BS-001, 48-BS-002 and 48-BS-003
Reviewed by  Roger Carrano, IPMS# 45853

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MSRP: $16.00 each

Only because the B-25 is my favorite WWII bomber, I just had to see these decals for myself. I have 3 kits of the B-25 from American Classics but none of them is the -J. When I requested to review these decals, I was building a B-25J Monogram kit promised to my friend's six year old boy. Historical or not, I didn't think it fitting to use these decals in this instance. So I have ordered another B-25J just to put these decals on.

The company "Bombshell Decals" is a newcomer to our hobby and has just released their first series of decals for B-25J's which served in the Mediterranean Theater specifically in Corsica. The intended kit which they were designed for was the 1/48 Revell/ Monogram kit. These "Corsica" series decals come in three sets. The first set is of the 321st Bomb Group, and the second and third sets are of the 340th Bomb Group. Aside from the decals, each set includes a small color booklet with a side view picture of the aircraft with the markings and paint scheme along with suggested weathering and other noted anomalies of each aircraft. Color "swatches" are included to aid in getting the correct camo colors.

These decals were made for Bombshell Decals by the very famous Italian company, Cartograph. The name itself should tell the story of their quality but just in case you don't know I can attest to the color, the perfect registry and the minimal decal carrier film on each sheet. The decals are thin and conforms well but yet strong enough to not tear easily.

These sheets go for $16.00 a set. A great investment considering that these cover unique Bombing Groups of the WWII era.

An interesting fact that I feel should be mentioned is that Bombshell Decals is owned by IPMS/USA member Michael Kloppenburg, who designs and/or replicates these decals, along with the assistance of his wife, Cheryl. Michael also has a degree in graphic design. They already have another wave of decals out which are a 1/72 B25-J sheet and two 1/32 P-38 sheets which are the "Wicked Women" series. They can be viewed and bought at their website

I highly recommended these sheets, not only to put on your models, but also to the collectors who should know that these are a "Limited Run" series.

I would like to thank Michael and Cheryl Kloppenburg for supplying a copy of their B-25J series of decals and IPMS for allowing me to review them.

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