Werner's Wings
1/48 & 1/72 Decals for the AH-1F Army Cobra
Sheet Number: WWDecals 48-01 (1/48) and WWDecals 72-01 (1/72)
Reviewed by  Roger Carrano, IPMS# 45853

[decal package image]

MSRP: $20 for 48-01 and $15 for 72-01
Website: www.wernerswings.com

This review for Werner's Wings Decals just might be the first review for this fairly new company, as I haven't as yet seen any of their reviews in the decal section of our IPMS USA site. I do have to say that the person in charge of this company, Floyd S. Werner, is a member of IPMS and a member of our reviewer corps. My review of these decals was completed before I researched this company, so this review is surely an unbiased one. All that being said, Floyd also has 21 years experience flying Cobras and Kiowa Warriors, which his first hand knowledge helps with the correct details and placement.

I was sent two sets for the same helicopter, one being in 1/48 scale and the other in 1/72 scale. Other than size, each kit contains the same products except in the 1/72 package the stencil sheet was not included. I guess because the printing would have been so small that it would look more like a painting flaw than anything else.

[review image] The full set includes a decal sheet and a stencil sheet (1/48 only), two pages of color profiles for 15 different variations of the AH-1F Cobra, a b/w sheet depicting where the stencils go & a DVD which shows extensive pictures of walk arounds for each of the AH-1F Cobras shown on the color sheets and PDF files showing masks for both scales. The info on this DVD alone is worth the price of the whole kit. The decals are spot on with respect to the color, registry and quality and they laid down perfectly. The carrier film is cut very close and the decals, although thin, are really strong. The decals on the sheet can be applied to make any of the 15 different Cobras that are shown. He has also noted that Hasegawa and Hobby Boss make kits for the 1/72 scale and Monogram and Fujimi for 1/48 scale.

I was sent the whole set to review, but any part of this kit can be sold separately in either scale and the prices, along with his other products, can be obtained by clicking on the website link above. Werner's Wings also sells conversions for this Chopper and updated parts for the BF-109 as well.

I highly recommend these decals and I'm also hoping that, in time, he will be able to add more decals to his inventory. Floyd also has some products for the BF-109. Check it out!

I would like to thank Floyd at Werner's Wings for the review sample and the chance to review it.

[review image]