AMS Resin
1/32 Martin Baker F-8 Crusader Seats
For the Trumpeter kit
Stock Number: 32-028
Reviewed By  Ed Kinney, IPMS# 2989

[detail package image] [detail package image]

MSRP: $ 12.00 including Shipping

The Mk-5 or MK-7 seats are available for the Trumpeter F-8 either with or without seatbelts molded on. My sample came with the belts on and as the images show, it is "bang on", free of flaws or pinholes. Separate pull rings are also included, and having reviewed other AMS products in the past, I must say that the quality is of no surprise, at least to me.

Harold at AMS (Advanced Modelers Syndrome) Resin offers quite a few most desirable items in both 1/48th and 1/32nd scale, specializing in mostly jets. I was unable to incorporate this seat in my review build of the Trumpeter F-8, but consider it the superior option. Many thanks to Harold for the review sample. These may be ordered by contacting Harold at .

Most highly recommended.