1/72 Mig-29A Fulcrum Correct Nose
For the Italeri MiG-29
Stock Number: QB 72-183
Reviewed By  Mike Hinderliter, IPMS# 45124

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MSRP: 3.30 ($4.27)
Website: www.quickboost.net

The Aircraft

[review image] I was looking at videos on You Tube and saw a video of a Mig-29 crashing at the Paris air show on opening day (8 June 1989). When you watch the video of any crash at an air show it is a credit to the pilots when they stay with their planes until the last second. They think more of the safety of other people in the area than themselves.

The caption stated: On the opening day ( 8th June 1989) Mikoyan test pilot Anatolly Kvochur was making a demonstration flight in the single-seater Mig-29 ' 303' Blue. During the high-alpha/low speed pass at 160m (525ft) that was to conclude the Fulcrum's aerobatic display, the starboard engine surged.

It turned out that it sucked down a bird. This sounds kind of familiar since the downing of that US Airways jet that sucked down a few Canada geese.

The Conversion

Anyway since I was going to review Quickboost's Corrected Mig-29 nose I thought I would do a tribute to the pilot of 303 Blue, and do his plane.

I noticed that the Quickboost nose is one really nice piece of resin. There isn't even one bubble or flaw in it. Once you put both noses side by side you can really tell the difference in them. The new one's shape is more rounded. I used the Italeri kit that was recommended and cut the nose off after connecting the fuselage halves.

[review image] [review image]

Once I got it cut off, all I had to do was sand down the inside walls of the kit and the plug on the Quickboost nose until they fit together. When I got a nice fit, all I had to do was use some Squadron putty and blend them together. It actually went together really easy.

I was really happy with the results, especially since this is only the second time that I ever changed anything on a kit. I used to get really worried when I was going to take a saw to one of my kits, but with products such as this I feel that I can do it with no worries.

I highly recommend this product and I'm ready to break out my hobby saw and try something else. Thanks Quickboost and IPMS USA.

[review image] [review image]