1/48 F-16DG/DJ - Block 40/50 USAF Viper
Kit Number: 48005
Reviewed by  Ed Sarnecki, IPMS# 44978

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MSRP: $39.95
Review Sample Provided by Stevens International - Website:

Kinetic has continued its run of 1/48th Scale F-16's with a newer block 40/50 version. All the parts are similar to the rest of their releases. Here's a revierw of their SUFA kit:

I'll highlight the changes from Rob's builds. The first thing you need to do is choose either the Block 40 or Block 50. The two parts you need to choose between are C58 or C59. C58 is the Block 40 and C59 is the Block 50. I choose the Block 50 for this review.

I started with the cockpit - just a note, make sure you have installed the seats before installing the cockpit tub to the upper fuselage. It is difficult to get them to fit otherwise. The cockpit tub needs to be sanded down in order for the upper and lower fuselage to fit correctly in my review sample. There no need weigh down the nose cone.

[review image] [review image] [review image] [review image]

Another option or decision time is the need to choose to have the air brakes either opened or closed. I choose to keep them closed. I waited on assembling the front landing gear until the very end of the build. There is a gap between that needs to be filled and sanded. Main landing gear wheel hubs for this kit you need to use H1 with is the USAF model. H2 is used for the Turkish AF and the IDF AF models. There is lots of clean up on these parts. I did not install the main assembly until the end of the build. I also want to note that these is a fair amount of seam line clean up to do on these parts- not impossible but it is there.

Parts H15 which is the nozzle assembly that needs a lot of sanding in order to fit correctly. But be careful not to sand all the detail away. On parts F1 and F2 the tab needs to be trimmed off in order to fit to the upper fuselage. Also there is a gap between the tail assembly and the upper fuselage that needs to be filled and sanded in my review sample.

[review image] [review image] [review image] [review image]

There is a seam right down the middle of the canopy that needs to be sanded out.

I choose not to install all the weapon systems provided. I just choose to install the fuel tanks and the AIM9X sidewinders.


I used Model Master enamels Neutral Gray FS 36270 and Gunship Gray FS 36118 for the fuselage and wings. Insignia Red FS 31136 for the upper tail. Flat White FS 37925 for the landing gear and landing gear bays.


[review image] There are two sheets of decals provided for this kit. Be careful they are thin and break easy.


Over all this is a very good kit to build. But Kinetic needs to provide color conversion chart for modelers who not use Humbrol paints. I want to thank IPMS and Stevens International for this review sample

[review image] [review image] [review image] [review image] [review image] [review image]