Alclad II Lacquer Finishes
Reviewed By  Ed Kinney, IPMS# 2989

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Never let it be said that Tony Hipp is one to rest on his laurels (or whatever else he might rest on). He seems to be constantly searching for truly improved products to assist the modeler in his mission of perfection. As any of you who have seen my previous missives re: Alclad II, you know that I am absolutely one of the worlds' greatest fans of the product. If the directions are followed properly, the results will be excellent. OK, enough of the commercial, here are the latest in Tony's arsenal of neat and nifty stuff.

Alclad II Klear Kote Finish

This, as are all other Alclad II products, comes pre-thinned, and as a replacement for the previous "honey colored" clear. This stuff is crystal clear, (mineral spirits/petroleum based) and sprays easily at 12-15 psi to lay down flawless, smooth gloss finish. It dries quickly (appx 30-45 minutes), is rock hard, resistant to fingerprints and is outstanding in all respects. I have sprayed this over lacquers, enamels, both Gunze and Tamiya acrylics, and is perfect for a decal base or final gloss finish, the choice is yours. It is also more than suitable as a replacement for spraying Future, a process I don't care for at all. I have decided that this product has replaced everything I have used previously and is highly recommended. It is also excellent as a primer for other types of Alclad II.

Alclad II Gun Metal

Previously, I had received several samples from Tony for evaluation of a potential new color as mentioned above, but this one totally blew me away. It is a non-metallic blue/black finish that when sprayed and held up next to the barrel of my 12 gauge shotgun, is an identical match. TO the best of my knowledge, there has never been a color like this on the market from anyone. Lots of possibilities exist here, such as the perfect color for the cowlings of some Japanese WWII aircraft.

Burnt "something or the other"

Actually this encompasses two new shades…first is "Burnt Iron", which as the images show comes very close to the color of an exhaust stack on any piston engine aircraft. The second color is called "Exhaust Manifold", and is the darker of the two shades, most closely resembling either an exhaust manifold or collector ring on piston powered aircraft. Ideally, these colors are blended by over spraying one with the other product, providing a most realistic effect.

Polished Brass

As the attached shows, this is as close to plated brass as any product I have ever seen. This color, as other "hi shine" Alclad II shades are meant to be sprayed over a gloss black enamel primer for maximum effect.

Magical Elixers !!

I've said it before and forgive me if I repeat myself, but try this stuff and by all means, FOLLOW THE DIRECTIONS!!! The results, if you heed this advice, are sure to please. Visit Tony's website at for more information on the products currently available to the modeler. Many thanks to Tony Hipp for the review samples.

Most highly recommended.

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