1/35 3cm Flak 38/103 Jaboschreck w/Trailer
Kit Number: 6353
Reviewed by  Bruce Drummond, IPMS# 37265
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MSRP: $19.95

I received this kit from IPMS/USA, to do a review. I must say that I had not even seen a picture of one of these before and so I had no idea of what was coming. When I opened the shipping box I saw something I had never seen before. I quickly went on line and found very little in the way of pictures or written material on this subject. Like many modelers, my library was usually suitable and up to the task and then this! I was anxious to get started and put all other kits aside to do so.

Another of Dragons '39-45 series, Kit #6353 comes in a small box with nice artwork of a nondescript unit pulling the "Jabo" on a Trailer. My limited research gives the units issued this equipment as being Luftwaffe circa 1944, 1945. The gun itself represents the same unit that would be mounted on aircraft of the period given over to anti-aircraft defense, as well as group attack.

I was giddy after reading the box and upon opening it was quite taken by all the parts and details of this relatively unknown armament. When all is said and done there are really 2 kits in this box. First is the Jaboschreck itself, second the trailer.

The instruction sheet is broken down into 11 steps. It also has a page that includes the parts used for the angle of deflection needed. No guesswork here and of course the usual color scheme page inclusive of markings which comes on a separate and small sheet. Decals include kill stripes or silhouettes and a few other markings.

4 frets of photoetch in heavy brass are provided for making the gun shields, catch basket for spent shells, and adjustment wheels. Smaller parts are relatively few but can be a little tedious, but look great when finished. These are mostly butterfly wing nuts for the shield.

5 frets of plastic make up the remaining pieces or 144 parts in all (don't go away yet, there's more) of which only 116 are used and 28 headed for your parts box. Some of the parts can dress up some of your older AA gun kits without any extra cost!
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The kit goes together relatively easily but care must be given as to which part options to use; for example, plastic or the photoetch. I had a little problem fitting the basket netting, but taking it slowly was I able to overcome this problem. You must also decide which elevation you want to use. I chose the 40 degree angle. What was really neat is that the angle of degrees was printed next to the part on the fret. Good move, Dragon!

I have to say that this is not a kit for the faint at heart whereas the PE included not only has small parts but some may have to be 'tweaked and/or cut to shape and fit. All parts fit very closely and some may interfere with other pieces after being assembled. Hence tweaking. If you have ever heard of the phase 'test fit' you will need to here. The 2 parts I had most problems fitting were the bottom shell catch basket, due to its hitting the foot pedal and with the smaller Gun shield as I had to cut the small tab on the side of the shield to get a close fit. It also fits right up to the Basket.

I chose the trailer to be of a latter type, devoid of fenders, and therefore had to cut them off the frame. This is the same trailer that comes with the 2cm Flak 38 AA gun kit or the 2cm Flak 38 auf Pz.Kpfw.I Ausf.a "Flakpanzer I", which I had already been working on. More on one this later.

I want to say thank you to Dragon for supplying this kit to me for review and to IPMS for having the confidence in me to do so.
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