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The Caveat

I’ve written some rather scathing editorials in my time, and most have been centered around us, the scale modeler…as it was so eloquently stated by Gunnery Sgt. Hartman in Full Metal Jacket, “I do not look down on (bad word), (bad word), (bad word), or  (bad word). In my eyes you are all equally worthless.”

I don’t discriminate, I make fun of everyone…including myself. That’s not very nice, you might think…but alas, I don’t make fun of one’s religion, culture, or anything that could be deemed personally offensive….no, I go after the jugular, I make fun of the MODELER and his quirks…because let’s face it people, we’re all weird. If you think that my making fun of your X-acto knife injuries are cruel and mean, well, look at it this way, I COULD be making fun of your lack of social skills…do we really want to go there??? Who knows, if it ties into modeling, I just might…

So, my fellow styrene junkies, you’ve been warned…if you’ve ever superglued your fingers to the desk, your model, or yourself…I will make fun of you…if you’ve ever had to choose between your kids’ dental work and the latest 1/32 Trumpeter kit, I will make fun of you…

Although we all take our hobby seriously, more or less, everyone has a funny moment in model building…I’ve seen my share, and I’ve been dragged around the block enough times to know some of the things I dream up COULD happen in modeling, HAVE happened to some of you…and it’s those things I intend to make fun of…after all, this hobby is SUPPOSED to be fun…remember?

Like all forms of satire, there’s usually an underlying irony relating to the serious issues in the world…I could work overtime to bring out the irony of all of this, how problems in our hobby relate to our everyday lives, but I don’t think I will…we all deal with our everyday lives differently, and I think we can all pretty much agree that our hobby is a good temporary escape from the problems we deal with in our lives…it is, after all therapy…(my mind wanders to the group therapy scene from One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest). So hey, if you saw that movie and laughed, then hopefully you’ll laugh at the words you see in this space each month…

Until then, keep doing idiotic things when you build your models…I need the material!!


A.L. Lehron
The Modeling Miscreant

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