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Spoiled Rotten Modelers...

Whaaaaa!!!! Somebody call my lawyer, somebody call Geraldo Rivera…wait, I know…let’s get Jerry Springer on this!!!!

What is wrong with people today? Remember back in the day, when we built FROG and Airfix and Revell kits that were chocked full of inaccuracies and sink marks, flash and crappy decals? Sure, we paid $1.35 for them, and we usually blew them up with firecrackers, but damn it, we actually enjoyed this hobby!!

Tonight I sat in front of this infernal machine and surfed around the various model sites…I went to HyperScale and read a thread that sent me to Modeling Madness…and the talk of the town right now isn’t about how great the new Trumpeter Me-262 or Fw-200 is, or the incredible looking 1/72 Hasegawa Lancaster, or the great new Dragon 3-in-1 Tigers…no…today, the topic on ‘Bad modeling moments’ Channel 199 is all about the Accurate Miniatures Vindicator and those pesky sink marks…

It’s a well-known fact that Accurate Miniatures is a Class A company, they’ve released some of the finest detailed kits on the market today. Ok, sure, they don’t have the financial fire superiority of a Tamiya or Hasegawa, but hey, my hat’s off to them. Still, the ungrateful bozos are coming out of the woodwork on this one…

Whaaa!! I spent $30 of my hard-earned cash from collecting aluminum cans in Peoria to buy this model, and now I actually have to use what’s left of my spoiled-rotten brain to figure out how to fix some sinkmarks…whaaahahahahaaa.

Lemme tell you something here putty-boy…I’d personally like to pop someone in the mouth the next time I hear this.

On any given day, I can drop $30 in a bar in an hour. An average dinner will cost you $30. So will a great hotel room in Hong Kong, or a bad one in Omaha, or a tank full of gasoline for your rusted Toyota pickup.

I’ve heard things about boycotts, "treasonous acts", "I'm getting ripped off", and countless other things… lemme put this into perspective for you, ok rocket boy?

Someone 5000 miles away yanked the sprues from the molds too quickly, and put them into boxes. Would you care about sink marks if you were making $12 a week salary and living on rice and kimchee?

Ya know…I’ve seen a lot worse…hell, I’ve paid more for a lot worse. What makes you, the individual Level 1 modeler, so damned special that something like this makes you want to raise arms against a company that’s done nothing but support your stupid whims and habits with wonderful kits?

Grow up people. Maybe I'm too harsh, maybe you’re not ready to face the reality of the modeling world. Where’s the challenge in building the perfect kit? When was the last time you were challenged by a Hasegawa, Tamiya, or, dare I say, even an Accurate Miniatures kit? You’re not challenged anymore…because you’re spoiled. You want to shake the box and have a Nationals-award winning model drop out. Sorry dude, it ain’t happening. So…if you bought the AM kit and you’re whining…take some advice…shut up, sit down, and wait for them to fix it instead of running around half-cocked like a banty rooster crying and whining. Or get out your putty and sandpaper and fix the damn thing.

A.L. Lehron

The Modeling Miscreant

PS: I built it, and it looks fine. If this half-baked retard can do it, then all you experten should be able to handle this….whaaaaaa!

PPS: Ok, so maybe I'm a little too intense. I can blame it on lack of sleep, stress, too much caffeine, and far too many hours in a poorly ventilated spray booth with nothing but Floquil lacquers in the air. But ya know what? My panties aren't all twisted up in knots over this...because I know they'll fix it. I'm FAR more concerned with how I'm going to explain those two Fw-200s and Me-262s to my wife.

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