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Yawn…is it that time again?!

Hey kids – it’s been awhile, hasn’t it? Fortunately for me, the snow has stopped and the temperature is above freezing, so it looks like I won’t be stalking the local weathergirl anymore…oh well.

I hope that my socially inept compatriots have been busy building models all winter, because it’s Showtime. That’s right, it’s time to pack those modeling creations up and tell the wife that you’ll mow the lawn next weekend. If she forces your hand and tells you that you’re mowing the lawn this weekend, well, look at it this way – you probably wouldn’t have won anything anyway, and chances are that unless you’re the club treasurer, we wouldn’t have missed you.

I’ve sat back and watched some pretty heavy stuff going down all around the IPMS/USA world. Not all of it is was good, but then again, that’s life. Let’s face it people, our hobby is petty in the grand scheme of things, like fighting wars, famine, disease, snap-tite kits, and men who wear thongs on the beach. We are grown men (well, most of us) who build models. Why? Because we did it as a kid, our mothers assured us we wouldn’t go blind if we did it a lot, and we actually enjoyed the hobby. So…what in the hell happened??

I must confess that I’ve been pretty good about steering clear of the controversy and keeping my mouth shut. Amazing, huh? Although I can see both sides of the argument clearly, I could care less. Not my fight, not my war, and personally, there’s more important things to worry about, like how I’m going to explain $400 worth of diorama parts to the Commander in Chief of the House.

I know how it feels to get the proverbial kick in the drop tank, but I also know that unpleasant decisions are sometimes made to get things done. So, as odd as it is for me, I’m not taking anyone’s side. Everyone involved dropped their proverbial drawers and showed their true colors on this one, and the results were anything but pleasant.

In the grand scheme of things (that’s twice I’ve said that) what we’re doing here means nothing. This is a hobby, done for our enjoyment. The Society, Journal, club meetings, and contests are nothing more than adjuncts that bring us together to share a common interest – scale modeling. So stop what you’re doing, take your finger out of your nose, and think about that for a while. If everyone were to resign from IPMS tomorrow, if we dissolved IPMS/USA and donated the treasury to the Air Force Museum or Smithsonian, would anyone suffer real hardship? Would anyone die as a result? No, of course not. The world would continue to spin, the sun would rise and set, and we’d continue on with our lives, however meaningful or meaningless they may be.

We’re here because we choose to be. We’re here to share a common bond – a brotherhood of sorts, with our fellow unwashed modelers. When we start taking our leisure-time activities as seriously as our everyday lives, filled with all the demons each of us have, then it’s time to re-evaluate things at the simplest of levels. It’s a freakin’ hobby, nothing more.

When you figure that out, you’ll understand just how important peace of mind is, and just how trivial events like this really are.

What I’ve said probably won’t change a single thing. It’s not going to be remembered as a historic manifesto, but if it makes sense to a single person, then I’ve made my point. If I haven’t made my point, well, then you’re probably not worth the effort anyway. In the meantime, go do something stupid with superglue, because I need the material.

Speaking my mind on your behalf…

A.L. Lehron
(who resolves to continue speaking his mind on your behalf!)
The Modeling Miscreant

Copyright © IPMS/USA 

June 2006