Part 3: The Engine

Trumpeter has included a jewel of an engine in this kit.  Their rendition of the Nakajima NK1C 14 cylinder radial is crisp and well detailed.  The two rows of cylinders are molded in halves.  While this allows definition without sink marks, cleanup of the seam is labor-intensive.  I found it easier to align without the pins.  Make sure that you match correctly, as both front and rear parts are keyed for parts to be added later.

I painted the majority of the engine using Alcad II Aluminum, Duraluminum, and Dark Aluminum.  The cylinders were first painted Dark Aluminum, then the cooling fins received a light coat of Alcad II Steel.  This allowed definition without having to wash and dry brush.

Details were painted using Model Master Metalizer non-buffing Aluminum and Steel.  I also used regular Model Master Aluminum, Steel, and Chrome silver.  The exhausts were painted with Model Master Metalizer non-buffing Burnt Iron.  The crankcase is Alcad II Primer, buffed.  I also used Model Master Flat Black and Aircraft Interior Black.  I wired the engine using copper wire from a speaker cable.

My biggest disappointment came when I assembled the beaching trolley.  The rear of the supports are molded hollow, the prominent rivets are not depicted and the "lip" on the bottom of the trolley is missing.  The ladder is molded as two parallel vertical bars, when all the photos I've found show the ladder as much wider at the bottom.  I intend to correct the trolley and ladder at a later date.

I have read some complaints regarding the outline of the fuselage.  I scanned a fuselage half of a 1/48 Hasegawa Rufe, then combined it with a scan of Trumpeter's fuselage, reduced fifty percent.  Using Adobe Photoshop, I placed the scaled fuselage halves together.  Trumpeter's is noticeably higher at the front.  While I can see this, I will withhold my opinion about the shape difference until I have finished the kit, as to whether I feel it looks like a Rufe.

Next, I will be washing and dry brushing the interior components prior to assembly.

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